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All About Plastic Molding

Blow Molding Process Steps
Blow Molding Process Steps

Plastic is a non-metallic compound that can be molded into different shape and sizes. From jars to tubes to toys, to bottles and many other things that we use on a regular basis today, most are made from plastic.

While many of the readers would already be aware of this, there are many other facts about plastic and its manufacturing which you may not have heard of. Read on to find out more about plastic products and how they are made.

Thermosetting Plastic Vs Thermoplastic

Different types of plastic polymers are used to create Plastic Products. The two, most distinct, type of plastic polymers are:

  • Thermosetting Plastic
  • Thermoplastic

Thermosetting Plastics are ones that cannot be re-melted and reused once processed. The best example of this type of plastic is polyester and epoxy. On the other hand, Thermoplastics are commonly used in injection molding. This type of Plastic Polymers can be easily recycled and reused. An excellent example of Thermoplastic is polyethylene and nylon.

Understanding The Plastic Molding Process

In Plastic Molding, molten liquid plastic is inserted into different molds to form a desired shape. Once cooled, the mold is removed to achieve the desired shape for the plastic. This process works exceptionally well for creating prototypes of products. This process is used to manufacture products like trays, boxes, bottles etc.

If you intend to venture into the plastic molding business, you may wish to know more about Plastic Molding. Based on your budget, expertise and resources, here are the Plastic Molding Methods to choose from.

Types Of Plastic Molding Methods

  • Blow Molding:Blow Molding is a process initiated by melting liquid plastic in the chamber of a machine. Upon liquefying, the plastic is poured into a mold to form a desired shape. This process works great in the manufacturing of hollow objects, including: bottle, pipe hose etc. In Blow Molding, air is passed through the object and held you create a hollow space.
  • Injection Molding: In Injection Molding, hot thermoplastic liquid is blown into the mold at a high speed. The mold is then secured tightly, when the plastic sets as per the shape of the mold. Once cooled, the product is removed and painted as per the need. Injection Molding is used to produce car dashboard casing, toys, etc.

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