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PowerSync Lightweight Solar Panel For Smartphone Charging [VIDEO]

Bushnell PowerSync Solar Panels
Bushnell PowerSync Solar Panels

When the sun is shining the new light-weight and ultra-thin solar charger provides enough juice to charge a smartphone, iPad or other electronic gadgets.

Originally designed for the armed forces, Bushnell is now shipping their newest compact portable solar panel to consumers. The “PowerSync” family of solar generators are rugged, high performance solar panels created to withstand the rigors of battle and hold up well for continuous daily use.

The “SolarWrap Mini” is designed with independently wired and electrically isolated solar cells laid out on a flexible textile backing. Unlike a typical rigid solar panel made from a sheet of crystalline material, the SolarWrap continues to provide power even when one or more cells are damaged (or out of direct sunlight).

The SolarWrap Mini starts out as a 3.1 once, 1.25 inch diameter cylinder, and is just over 18 inches long when fully unrolled. Most of the weight is taken up by the internal Lithium Ion battery that can store energy when the sun is shining and then power devices when it’s dark. The battery can also be pre-charged with a standard Micro USB cable so that power is ready when needed.

The only downside to being compact and lightweight is that the SolarWrap Mini needs about 6 hours of sunlight to completely charge a smartphone. The SolarWrap price is also lightweight at $90 .

Users wanting a faster charge, more battery storage or need to power a laptop can move up to the larger “SolarBook 850”. This has about double the performance of the SolarWrap, charging a cell phone in about 3 hours. The SolarBook is designed like an hardcover book with two foldout panels in a hard shell case. Cost is about $350.

(Image Credit – Bushnell )

(Video Credit – Bushnell )

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