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Precision Belting Solutions For 3D Printers

Urethane Timing Belts
Urethane Timing Belts

Fenner Precision’s FHT® timing belts provide high-accuracy, low-maintenance motion control for linear movement and positioning in 3D printers.

The company has transferred many years of success in engineering partnerships with OEMs in the traditional printing world to the rapidly developing 3D printer market.

“Having precise motion control for the X Y axis is critical to quality output for both inkjet and 3D printers,” said Eric Smith, 3D Printing Market Manager for Fenner Precision. “Our FHT® profile timing belts provide improved accuracy and smoother, quieter operation over traditional trapezoidal tooth profiles.”

Erick Wolf, President of Airwolf 3D in Costa Mesa, CA, prefers the performance and durability of the FHT® timing belts in his machines. “We’ve switched over to Fenner Precision belts in all three of our 3D printers now,” Erick said. “We get very accurate prints and don’t have to worry about tensioning the belts or if they’re going to work or not.”

Erick also likes the fact that Fenner Precision sells to him direct and not through distribution. Fenner Precision also utilizes a customized slitting process to supply belts on a spool to help improve Airwolf’s manufacturing efficiencies. “Now we can use only what we need,” he said. “It’s been a great experience working with them.”

FHT® Urethane Timing Belts are available in a number of durometers and sizes and can be reinforced with Kevlar®, polyester, or fiberglass to meet each customer’s specific application needs.

For more information, please contact:
Eric Smith ,
or call + (1)800-327-2288.


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About Fenner Precision:
As a leading supplier of timing belt technology to the world’s largest consumer printer OEMs and manufacturers, Fenner Precision has the manufacturing and technical experience required for today’s demanding 3D printing applications.

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