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Precision Planetary Gearboxes For Servomotors

SureGear Precision Gearboxes
SureGear Precision Gearboxes

Automation Direct has released their new line of precision gearboxes for servomotors. The “SureGear” family provides the ultimate in flexibility and control for servo applications.

This PGA series of high-precision planetary servo gear reducers is an excellent choice for applications that require good accuracy and reliability. This in-line planetary servo gearbox has a thread-in mounting style, along with a level of precision and torque capacity that is superior to others on the market.

Designed as a cost effective solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), these are offered in a concentric shaft design with a maximum five arc-min backlash rating. Accuracy and high performance are the key characteristics of this gearbox.

The machining quality of the SureGear PGA helical planetary gears provides a very quiet and more efficient reducer than other competitive products that are similarly priced. SureGear PGA series planetary gearboxes easily mate to SureServo motors.


  •     Gantries
  •     Injection-molding machines
  •     Pick-and-place automation
  •     Linear slides
  •     Packaging machines
  •     Conveyors


  •     Industry-standard mounting dimensions
  •     Thread-in mounting style
  •     Best-in-class backlash (5 arc-min)
  •     Four gear ratios available (5, 10, 15, 25:1)
  •     Mounting hardware included for attaching to SureServo motors
  •     Helical-cut planetary gears for quiet operation and reduced vibration
  •     Uncaged needle roller bearings for high rigidity and torque
  •     Adapter bushing connection for simple and effective attachment to most servo motors
  •     High-viscosity, anti-separation grease does not migrate away from the gears; no leakage through the seal
  •     Maintenance free: no need to replace the grease for the life of the unit
  •     At nominal speed, service life is 20,000 hours
  •     Can be positioned in any orientation
  •     5-year warranty

The SureGear Precision Servo Gearboxes are available in 4 Categories:

  • 70mm Frame SureGear gearboxes start at $398.00 (PGA070 05A1)
    Buy Now - 70mm Frame SureGear Precision Servo Gearboxes
  • 90mm Frame SureGear gearboxes start at $513.00 (PGA090 05A4)
    Buy Now - 90mm Frame SureGear Precision Servo Gearboxes
  • 120mm Frame SureGear gearboxes start at $680.00 (PGA120 05A6)
    Buy Now - 120mm Frame SureGear Precision Servo Gearboxes
  • 155mm Frame SureGear gearboxes start at $840.00 (PGA155 10A6)
    Buy Now - 155mm Frame SureGear Precision Servo Gearboxes

For additional information and product details, see the selection guide below:

SureGear Precision Gearboxes Overview, Selection, Specifications pdf icon

(Image Credit – Automation Direct)

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