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Qi Wireless Charger – Welcome to the next generation of charging your Smartphones

Energizer Wireless Charging Pad
Energizer Wireless Charging Pad

The Qi wireless charger is considered as an advance way to keep all your gadgets fully charged without messing up with wires anymore.

The major firms like Samsung, Google’s Nexus series, HTC, and other Smartphone companies are now manufacturing gadgets compatible with Qi wireless chargers in order to give an option to its users to charge their devices wirelessly.

Qi which is pronounced as “Chee” works on the concept of inductive charging. Therefore, we can conclude that wireless charging is also known as inductive charging. The Qi system consists of a transmission pad and a receiver pad. A mobile device with the qi back case (receiver) has to be placed over the transmission pad in order to charge its battery.

Advantages of using Wireless Charger

  • It reduces the trap of wires in the home as well as in offices.
  • It eliminates the need to constantly change or plug in the charger to the wall sockets.
  • They are compatible with all qi enabled devices including Smart watches from major brands.
  • You have to put the device on the wide base of the qi wireless charger and it will start charging it instantly.
  • Most of the wireless charging pads is universal in design irrespective of the model or its brand.
  • Some of the chargers also have function to automatically turn off the power when not in use. It reduces the power consumption.
  • You can even charge up to 3 devices simultaneously on a single wireless charger.
  • Wireless chargers are also considered as portable as they are easy to carry and consume less space on the table.
  • It reduces the chances of damaging of charging port of your phone.

 Qi wireless chargers are safe to use and they do not pose any risk or harmful radiations. The latest Google’s Nexus 6 is Qi enabled that means you can also buy a qi wireless charger for Nexus 6 in order to keep its battery fully charged without messing up with wires. You can even make your iPhone compatible with wireless charger by additionally inserting a receiver in it. However, for nexus series Smartphones or tablets, no additional receiver is required as they come with inbuilt qi enabled back case. You have to simply put the Nexus device on wide charging pad and it starts charging it instantly.  So what are you waiting for? Choose this advanced level of technology, which is the most convenient way to charge your gadgets.


Article Source: ArticleBase

About the Author

Anthony Johnson is a technical graduate with vast experience in writing technical and non technical content.In this article he described the advantages of Qi wireless chagers for Nexus 6.


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