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A Quick Overview on Building Android Apps/Games

Android Developer Lab
Android Developer Lab

Android has undoubtedly emerged as the global leader in the world of smartphone apps. With over 850,000 new Android devices being activated on a daily basis, its easy to expect an incredible growth in the popularity of this mobile platform in the coming years. If you’re a developer then diving deep into Android app development basics can enable you to earn a good sum of cash. With hassle-free coding, it becomes convenient for you to build apps that are both, functionally excellent as well as visually rich. Keep on reading this article as I serve you with a quick overview on developing apps for the Android mobile platform.

Android App Development- What’s the coding like?
I’m sure most of the programmers reading this article would already be familiar with the coding method that’s used for developing Android applications. Well, all Android apps and games are based on Java programming language. Hence, developers use the Eclipse IDE(Integrated Development Environment), Android SDK(Software Development Kit) and the PDT plug-in for creating Android powered software. A strong understanding of the basic fundamentals of computer programming including integers, variables, methods, functions, loops etc. makes room for development of Android applications/games that come with an easy user interface.

Software Tools- Serving as excellent resources for flawless coding
Many developers are still under the common misconception that in order to build an out-of-the-box Android app/game, one needs to be a programming professional. This isn’t true. In fact, there are ample number of tools that actually take out the ‘coding’ aspect out of the Android app/game development part, leaving you with just a set of commands and few customizable settings. Quite similar to the WYSIWIG(What You See Is What You Get) web design tools such as Microsoft Frontpage etc, there are many other tools that allow you to come up with absolutely brilliant Android applications and games.

Google Labs App Inventor- A finest app creation tool used by numerous Android app developers
App Inventor has emerged as an innovative online app creation tool introduced by Google Labs. With this tool, you can create fabulous Android apps using a simple drag and drop interface. All you need to do is simply load all the graphics and sound that you want to include in your app, arrange it on the screen and choose as to what would happen when certain items are being clicked on the app. Google Labs App Inventor is a relatively easy to use system and compiles your Android app or game into an easy-to-download apk file. The created app or game can then be installed on devices that run on Android operating system. Novice app developers must ensure to read the online manual thoroughly prior to starting off with the creation of a brand new Android app or game. The best part of apps developed using the App Inventor is that you can host the app downloads on your own site or somewhere else where the user has set his/her Android device to allow installation of third-party Android applications.

Building good Android apps and games has always been the prime concern of every developer. Here’s hoping the details furnished above would definitely encourage new developers to get engaged in app development projects with a whole new level of zest.

About the Author

Juana Steves is a highly experienced technical writer associated with Xicom Technologies – a leading Android Application Development Services []. You can opt to avail Android App Developers for Hire [], with her best assistance and advices, in case you are looking forward for the same.

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