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A quick primer on iOS7 tricks Via Acumor

Tricks For iOS7
Tricks For iOS7

Apple’s current operating system — iOS7 — launched in September 2013 for iPads and iPhones. The key features of this operating system have since been covered at length. Entrepreneur magazine recently pointed out a few of the smaller tips and tricks that can make using this system far more enjoyable.

Text info

Sometimes you don’t just want to read a text message. Sometimes you want to know exactly when that text message was sent. Using the new mobile version of iOS7, this can be done easily. As the Entrepreneur story reveals, you just have to swipe your finger from right to left on your device’s text screen. That will retrieve the exact time at which your friends, family members and co-workers sent you the text message.


iOS7’s compass app is a pretty neat tool, especially if you have no idea of whether you’re heading west or east. But did you know that you can transform the compass into a leveling tool? Entrepreneur does. Just open your compass app and swipe to the very next screen. This will show a leveling tool, so you can use your iPhone or iPad to determine if that shelf you’re hanging is actually level.


Apple’s Search feature has changed. For starters, as Entrepreneur notes, the company now calls it “Spotlight.” Next, to open it simply swipe down in the middle of your home screen. This’ll bring up a search — or “spotlight” — box. You can search for everything from texts and e-mail messages to apps, songs and contacts.


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