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Register For Space Tech Expo 2013 Coming To Long Beach In May

Space Tech Expo 2013
Space Tech Expo 2013

Registration for Space Tech Expo 2013 is open and free exhibit passes are still available on-line while supplies last. This year, the conference is being held in beautiful Long Beach, California. The Space Tech Expo runs from May 21st through May 23rd, 2013.

The theme for this second annual event is – “The Business Case For Space” . At the conference, attendees are among the global decision makers involved in the designing, building, and testing of spacecraft, satellites, launch vehicles, and space-related technologies. The event organizers describe the Expo as:

 With routes to market through global media partners, ongoing support from its advisory board and channels via associations and industry bodies, Space Tech Expo is the premier meeting place connecting end-users with solution providers: a platform for industry leaders, specifiers, and buyers to meet manufacturers and the supply chain for both civil and commercial space.

As one of the largest industry gatherings in the world, Space Tech Expo attracts scientists, engineers, and C-level professionals, government representatives, policy makers, space agencies, military, venture capitalists and investors, industry entrepreneurs, and buyers from the satellite communications marketplace.

In addition to the Expo floor with over 170 key suppliers and vendors for space related technologies, attendees can also follow executives giving talks on the future of space. Speakers from the following companies will be offering their insights and experiences:

  •  XCOR Aerospace
  • Space-X
  • NASA
  • Raytheon
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Virgin Galactic
  • Boeing
  • Space Adventures
  • SAIC
  • SNC Space Systems

The talks, panel discussions and  expert-led case studies  will examine issues including:

Conference Day 1 – May 21

  • Understanding the impact of commercial crew and cargo opportunities on the US space economy
  • Space tourism – what are the growth projections for this segment of the commercial space market?
  • Deep space opportunities – impact on the supply chain
  • Lunar and asteroid entrepreneurship – opening up resources
  • Commercial opportunities for leveraging investment in the International Space Station after decommissioning

Conference Day 2 – May 22

  • Strategic financing for space commercialization
  • Examining New Space Industries (NSIs) and identifying likely sources of investment capital to kick-start them
  • Technology transfer – examine the potential opportunities for the transference and integration of space technology to non-space commercial applications
  • Examining viable space commercialization opportunities
  • Keeping apace with acquisition policies and procedures – supply chain requirements and needs

Conference Day 3 – May 23

  • Determining the business case for space
  • Disruptive ideas in technology development – military and government perspectives on space business opportunities
  • Military constellation planning through disaggregation, space development and testing, public and private partnering initiatives

Space Tech Expo 2013 encourages engineers, researchers and scientists to attend by providing:

Industry interest in emerging spacecraft technologies is at an all-time high. The time is now to capitalize on the new market era of expanded private-sector applications and opportunities.

A highly technical free-to-attend three-day conference program brings together scientists, engineers, C-level executives, government representatives, policy makers, space agencies, military, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to debate the key challenges and opportunities in civil and commercial space

The Satellite & Space Summit runs in the heart of the exhibition hall, bringing three days of free-to-attend interactive discussions, expert-led case studies and networking opportunities. Issues examined include the state of the global satellite industry, the future of satellite technology, launch services, and trends in the military satellite market.

Covering satellite systems, launch vehicle and spacecraft design, engineering, testing, and all facets of the manufacturing supply chain, the exhibition will help your company to effectively reach a highly targeted audience with a pre-established and growing need for your company’s technology and service offerings

Structured networking and organized social activities are built directly into the event to ensure maximum interaction between technical conference delegates, invited guests, exhibitors, and attendees.

In addition to the lectures, demonstrations and exhibition floor, attendees can interact with “The Space Experience Park 2013”.  This Experience will showcase even more space-related hardware and diverse technologies. Aside from the space suits, full scale models of sub-orbital and orbital craft The Space Experience Park is set to feature additional installations such as scaled models of satellites, launch vehicles, rovers, science systems, examples of telecommunication, power supply, environmental, power and structural subsystems, and much more.

As a highly visible and interactive platform, this dynamic area is geared towards capturing the imaginations of attendees as well as promoting the companies and technologies pioneering commercial spaceflight.

Make your reservation now by registering for the Space Tech Expo 2013. For more details on the event,  conference fees, transportation,  accommodations  and more, please visit the Space Tech Expo 2013 home page . Also, there are still limited opportunities for exhibitors  and sponsors – please contact the show providers for details.

(Photo Credit – Space Tech Expo )

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  1. Blanca Balaguer says

    Space Tech Expo 2013 features a free-to-attend B2B exhibition and a conference. The free pass gives you access to the exhibit hall, the Space Experience Park, free engineering workshops, free access to the Satellite & Space Summit and evening networking time.

    In addition to the exhibition, 2013 features the Space Tech Conference, themed The Business Case for Space. Passes for this cost $695 for a 3-day pass.

    For more information about Space Tech Expo, please visit

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