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Samsung Power Sharing Cable acts as a lifeline for other devices

Power Sharing Between Devices
Power Sharing Between Devices

The Power Sharing Cable concept is very simple – you put one end connected to a compatible Samsung smartphone or tablet PC, the other end into the device to use any Micro USB interface charging.

You can set your power to be transmitted via a Samsung supporting application. The charging cable has molded directional arrows at each end to ensure that the current-carrying direction won’t be mistaken.

The charging cable shipped with the Galaxy Note 4, Alpha, Avant, S5 smartphone, Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and 8.4 tablet PCs can be used to charge other devices. If you happen to have one of these, you can use them to power-share with any Micro USB device to another connected device.

The most obvious example for power sharing is from a Samsung smartphone to pair it with smart watches for charging the watch. If you are using a smart watch every day, and it’s normal working hours is not so long (we mean you, Moto 360), then the Power Sharing Cable have very attractive prospects.

Unfortunately, this idea has an obvious disadvantage. Most modern smartphones can barely maintain enough charge for the normal working hours of the work day for the phone itself. Relying on the smart phone battery to charge other equipment may be too much for the smart phone.

The Power Sharing Cable (example – Etekcity 10 Pack Power Cord) is really just a normal charging cable. It probably does highlight the changes in how we are looking at other uses for the  smart phone, as we add on more electronic devices to out daily lives.

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