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Screwless Terminal Blocks For Reconfigurable And Field Board Wiring

Terminal Blocks
Terminal Blocks

Screwless terminal blocks provide a fast, simple and secure method to connect electrical wires to a printed circuit board.

With a “feather clamp” mechanism for insertion and locking, no tools are required for initial wire assignment or for reconfiguration.  These are typically available with either THT (Through Hole Technology) contacts or with press-in contacts.

Modular blocks offer greater flexibility in system development and board layout configuration. The screwless terminal blocks are particularly useful in tight spaces. Current rating is typically in the 8A to 20A range, depending on the style.

Used for either control wires or power connections, ASSMANN WSW components offers these types of terminal blocks based on standard  pitches:

  •  2.54 mm
  • 3.5 mm
  • 3.81 mm
  •  5.0 mm
  • 5.08 mm
  • 7.50 mm
  •  7.62 mm
  •  10 mm
  • 10.16 mm

Screwless, also called “pluggable”,  terminal blocks can also be a cost savings alternative to traditional wiring blocks as these can save manufacturing costs for both time and labor. The terminal blocks can be inserted into the PCB using most automated assembly processes, with temperatures under ~250 C.

These connectors are chosen for applications where there are requirements for:

  • high vibration
  • frequent connection change-over
  • field wiring termination

Many industries, especially in Industrial Controls, HVAC and Power Systems, have found the screwless, pluggable wiring terminals to be the best choice for their designs.

(Image Credit – ASSMANN WSW components )

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