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Why you shouldn’t invest in a Chromebook Via Acumor

Chrome Notebook Considerations
Chrome Notebook Considerations

Does purchasing a Chromebook make sense financially? Thus far, consumers haven’t flocked to the system. And ZDNet writer Larry Seltzer says that there’s a valid reason for this: Buying a Chromebook just doesn’t make financial sense.


Sales on Chromebooks have been extremely sluggish so far. Seltzer writes that the real problem with Chromebooks — and why consumers haven’t accepted them — is that they simply don’t do enough to warrant the expense. As Seltzer writes, Chromebooks fail to do what the majority of other laptops can. This is something that makes Chromebooks a poor buy.

Laptop/tablet hybrids

Seltzer writes that hybrids are a much better buy for consumers. These combinations of tablets and laptops — think Microsoft’s Surface line of products — offers consumers more power for the money. Seltzer writes that there just isn’t anything that consumers can do with a Chromebook that they can’t already do on a Windows laptop that’s running Chrome. The question then is, why would anyone choose to spend money on a Chromebook?

Limited functions

Seltzer points out that all a Chromebook actually does is run the Chrome Web browser. But, a Windows laptop already does that. And so does a MacBook. And the real innovations in today’s tech world are coming in the hybrid arena, he adds. Seltzer’s advice, then, is straightforward: Save the money you might have spent on a Chromebook and invest it instead on a laptop/tablet combination.


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