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Smart Label Market Research Report

RFID Tags In Smart Labels
RFID Tags In Smart Labels

The Global Smart Labels Market 2015-2019 report says the rising awareness about smart labels is the latest trend observed by the market. The key players of the smart label market are Avery Dennison, CCL Industries, Smartrac and Invengo.

Global Smart Labels Market 2015-2019, a systematically structured market research report, that explores the growth prospects and market conditions of the smart labels industry over the forecast period of 2015-2019. The elaborative sections of the report offer a vast application scope in the Global Smart Labels Market, ranging from market entry strategies to countermeasures to tackle economic impact. The global smart labels market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.65% during the forecast period of 2015-2019.

The Smart Labels Market report is about 64 pages and available at . The report provides 27 Exhibits that support the market research and also provides analysis on the key players of smart labels market.

Smart Labels, widely known as a smart tag, is an ultra-flat transponder fitted underneath a print-coded label. Various fabrics, plastic, or paper is widely being used to manufacture smart labels, which are further named as chip labels, printable labels, and electronic labels as a finished product.

Mounting environmental apprehensions and low cost of LCDs have driven the growth rate of the global smart labels market. China and other developing countries in the APAC are estimated to further boost the global smart labels business. Euro-America, Australia, Turkey, Japan, and Korea collectively holds around 67 million companies, ranging from retail and healthcare to logistics and automotive, have opted the smart labels technologies in various forms. The constantly increasing urbanization and growing number of retail outlets in modern cities, has up-surged the demand of smart labels, further intensifying the competition in the Global Smart Labels Market.

The key manufacturers in the Global Smart Labels Market are:

  •     Avery Dennison
  •     CCL Industries
  •     Smartrac
  •     Invengo

Some other Prominent vendors in the market are: Advantech US, Altierre, Antiope, Checkpoint, Displaydata, Genitop, Graphixlabels, Herbert retail, ILID, METRA, Mirador, Muhlbauer, Opticon, Sato Holdings, Tangentics, Teraoka, Thin Film, Toshiba, UNO and Zebra Technologies. Order a Copy of Report at .

Global Smart Labels Market 2015-2019, commences with an introduction to the industry, incorporating a methodical analysis of vivid market scenarios that are prevalent in the global smart labels industry. The global smart labels market has been segmented in the report under three sections, i.e. segmentation on the basis of End-Users of the industry, market segmentation on the basis of Type of the product, and Geographical Segmentation of the market. The following sections of the report shares some more market dynamics such as

  •     Key Market Driver – The increasing number of retail outlets globally
  •     Key Market Challenges – High market competition due to constantly emerging new players in the industry
  •     Key Market Trend – The regularly updating market about smart labels

Further, the report incorporates a key-vendor analysis, that evaluates the current market situation by reviewing the company profiles, business overview, recent product development and, SWOT analysis of the key industry players. The report ends with a conclusion that summarizes all the key findings of the research. Global Smart Labels Market 2015-2019, is prepared after closely examining the complex market landscapes by the industry experts and methodically analyzing the informative inputs provided by the existing key players of the smart labels industry.

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Source:  DALLAS,TEXAS (PRWEB) JULY 23, 2015


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