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Special Edition iPhone7 Red

Apple iPhone7 (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition
Apple iPhone7 (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition

Presenting the iPhone RED edition 

There is no one in this world who hasn’t heard of the iPhone or who wouldn’t want to have one at least once in their lifetime. IPhones represent the highest quality that a phone can bring to its user and the best innovative features we can ever experience in a smartphone. And now, Apple has once again decided to come out with something entirely new: the RED edition. This edition serves a dual purpose: it’s calling attention to AIDS awareness as part of the RED campaign and it’s also launching its first ever red phone. Quite unsurprisingly, the news of the special edition has caused an extra-large media attention and everyone who is a real Apple fan would want to have one of these special devices. Therefore we decided to present you with the key features of the new iPhone RED.

  • Aluminum body in red-wine color: this is the first time ever you can get an iPhone in red color as this color was never represented in an iPhone before. And it makes for a super sophisticated look!
  • Extra-large memory: the extra edition RED iPhones are available with 128GB and 256GB memory.
  • Availability from the end of March 2017: while the devices are already out and can be pre-ordered the real-life availability of these special devices will start from the end of March 2017. The devices are available in authorized Apple stores and by official Apple resellers both online and in stores.
  • RED awareness: by joining the worldwide campaign of RED which is the largest organization working to spread awareness to the dangers of AIDS and who continuously strive to make people aware of how to prevent this deadly disease from further spreading, a specific percentage of the sold special edition RED phones will of course support the RED campaign worldwide. This is a huge idea representing charity and business in one.
  • Aside from the special look the Apple 7 special edition RED phones will have all the superb extras which we can find in the Apple 7 smartphones: water resistant, Home button with 3 different pressure senses, stereo speakers, lighting jacks the wireless ear pods, low light extra sensible cameras, Raise to Wake functionality and other incredible extras represented by the newest iOS 10.

Apple is always striving to reach and present something entirely new to its audience and this will surely not stop with the Apple 7, especially because news on the latest Apple 8 which is to be released soon have been flowing slowly but steadily: and they all talk about even more revolutionary changes in the new devices. All in all, Apple owners are now much used to the incredible numbers of novelties which always come with every new version. However let’s not rush into the future: rather marvel at the beauty of the RED Apple 7 special edition, which all collectors and die-hard fans will surely want to put their hands on.

Check out more about the Apple 7 special edition RED on the Apple homepage. For more technology news check out this website.

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