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Stamped CPU Heat Sink From ASSMANN WSW

Stamped CPU Heat Sink
Stamped CPU Heat Sink

An advantage of the new CPU heat sinks is an improved air convection of up to 5%, because of non-simultaneous heating from one cooling fin to the other. The result is a better heat exchange between the various “hot and cold” air layers.

Designated holes in the T=3mm base plate will optimize this exchange as well.

The stamped CPU heat sinks are manufactured from AL5052 aluminum alloy. They are ideal for cooling devices such as PGA, BGA or other high power components, because replacing an overheated component can be cost intensive and complicated or nearly impossible.

Other advantages are the additional mounting options and numerous modification possibilities. The stamped holes in the base plate can optimally be used to mount the heat sink on the PCB via “Push Pins”.

It is also possible to use solder pins to attach the heat sink on the PCB. Single- or double-sided thermal adhesive tape is included and custom notches in the heat sink can be attained through modifications of the tool.

This offers further possibilities: the cooler can be mounted next to other electronic components, without stressing each other because of space problems and without compromising the overall size of the heat sink. Other special requirements are e.g. alternative material thickness, modifications of all dimensions and perforations, special surface treatments and alternative custom made heat sink attachment methods.

Please visit the ASSMANN WSW heat sink homepage for additional information on the stamped product, as well as conventional heat sinks.


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(Image Credit – ASSMANN WSW )

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