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Using PhoneGap For Building HTML5 Apps

Today you can find numerous methods to build mobile apps. However, developers most likely use their native development environments to develop applications for the various mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and others.…

24 App Design Tips You Should Know

The process of creating a great design is varied with many options and choices. App design is much like other types of software, and goes through a number of development stages to get from the initial concept to the final released…

Increasing Your Sales On the App Store

One might think that development and deployment of an iOS app is the hardest part. Some might argue that the 'real' work starts after the deployment, and in a manner rightly so. If the software owner's team, being sure of the software…

How To Create Eye-Catching App Screenshots

The three most important elements of an app page on the store are icon, name, and price. The icon catches the user's eye, and is able to wake interest in a casual visitor. The name can be yet another hint on what the app is about. The…