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10 Best Cool and Practical Tech Gifts

The informative article presents updated versions of some items found on lists from previous years, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 6, as well as some new additions like the Topple Bluetooth Beanie. In addition, this year’s compilation…

3 Tech Toys Cats Will Love

Your cat likes tech, too! We review the best pet tech gadgets - 3 of the coolest, entertaining toys for your cat to play with when home alone. Hex Bug has an inexpensive, creative mouse, Petcube  brings interaction with your cat (video chat…

Best 30 Tech Gifts Under $300

Want the top tech toy, gadgets and gifts for under $300? Or need a little help to decide what to get the person that has everything? We've pulled out of our reviews some of the most asked for tech, and scoured the major e-commerce sites to…