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Tech By The Bottle: Three Hi-Tech Gifts For Wine Connoisseurs

Contributed by Ali Alvis

The U.S. has been described in The Week as ‘the largest wine consuming nation in the world,’ with most drinkers buying wine in store to drink at home. While wine might seem like an unimaginative gift, some of the recent additions to the tech scene allow for some unique gift ideas for the wine connoisseur in your life.

To Open: The Coravin Model Two Premium Wine Preservation System

Coravin have launched an opener that will open and preserve at the same time. The Coravin Model Two Premium Wine Preservation System allows you to pour from the bottle without removing the cork.

This is perfect for foodies who like to pair their wines with food, as it allows them to have several wines on the go at the same time without fear of wastage. Connoisseurs can match the correct wine with each dish when they have guests over, pouring from several bottles over the course of the evening.

The device has a teflon-coated needle that pierces the cork without damaging it, allowing the wine to pour directly into the glass while the mechanism is attached. The preservation system is filled with argon gas to preserve the wine as though the bottle had never been opened. The devices costs a little over $250, but reviews suggest it’s well worth the investment.

To Serve: The Aervana Original: 1 Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

For those with a little less to spend, the Aervana Original: 1 Touch Luxury Wine Aerator comes in at around $80.

The device attaches to the top of an open bottle, and aerates the wine instantly at the push of a button, surpassing other designs because of its ability to speed up oxidation by providing more air contact surface.

An elegant pouring spout ensures that wine can be delivered directly into the glass without spillage.

The aerator is portable, and with some back up batteries on hand in case of emergency, the wine lover can indulge in perfectly aerated wine on picnics or a camping trip, allowing them to take their favourite bottle along, safe in the knowledge that they can enjoy the wine at its best.

To Save: The Wine Enthusiast Eurocave SoWine Home Wine Bar

At just under $400, the Wine Enthusiast Eurocave SoWine Home Wine Bar may be a gift for a special occasion, but it’s a gadget that has a lot to offer. It will preserve and chill an open bottle for up to ten days, and has two compartments with separately regulated temperature settings.

This allows for the proper storage of a red and a white at the same time, which could make it a good gift for households where there are wine lovers with different tastes. Indicator lights signify that the vacuum seal is on when the compartments are occupied, and also show the temperature of each section.

Wine and tech might seem like an unlikely pairing, but innovations for the wine connoisseur are constantly appearing on the market. When a bottle of wine just doesn’t seem special enough, some of these gadgets will make the perfect gift.

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