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These tech trends will change your business this year Via Acumor

Technology Trends To Adopt For 2015
Technology Trends To Adopt For 2015

There was a point in time when e-mail was considered cutting-edge tech. Before that, businesses were considered tech-savvy if they had their own fax machines. Technology, though, is continually evolving.

What companies needed three years ago is nowhere near what they need now to thrive. CIO Magazine, obviously, recognizes this.

That’s why the magazine so emphasized the evolving nature of technology when it listed its top tech trends for businesses. The trends the magazine’s editors cited will definitely change the way businesses operate this year. If you’re a wise company leader, you’ll pay particularly close attention to them.

Hospitals and BYOD

There’s a reason why more companies incorporated the BYOD – bring your own devices – movement last year. When employees can bring their own personal tablets or laptops to work, hook up to a company network and then perform their tasks on their own devices, they have a tendency to be both happier and more efficient. This boosts the bottom line of companies. At the same time, businesses that embrace BYOD don’t have to provide individual computers for their employees. This year, CIO Magazine says, the BYOD movement will grow even stronger as more businesses – even highly secure ones such as hospitals – being encouraging their workers to bring their own iPads to work.

3-D Printing Continues to Soar

3-D printing has made a big impact on businesses. The capability to use a printer to produce objects with heft and depth – for example plastic machine parts – is definitely an amazing one. And CIO Magazine predicts that more businesses will see this in 2013. In fact, CIO Magazine predicts that 3-D printing will become a breakthrough technology this year for small business owners.

The End of Passwords?

Tired of memorizing dozens of passwords? Don’t worry. The editors at CIO Magazine predict that passwords will soon go the way of the milkman. As more companies, recognizing how easy it can be for hackers to compromise most passwords, will depend on biometric security. As CIO explains, biometrics uses the iris of your eye, your voice or your fingerprints as security. No one can get into your pc or important accounts just by guessing that your password is your son’s first name.

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