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The 3 Must Have Gadgets In Every Home

Priced under $100 each, these three devices will make things easier, more fun and more productive.

1. Link to Cell Bluetooth Enabled Phone:

Panasonic KXTG77xx
KXTG77xx – Credit: Panasonic

If you use your cell phone at home a lot (especially to save on the land-line long distance charges), but prefer the comfort of a standard phone then you need to have this.

The Link to Cell features are enabled via the Bluetooth in your cell phone, much like pairing with an ear-piece or your car for hands free talking.

By linking your cell phone to the home phone base station, you get all the convenience of making / receiving calls on the phone handsets while using your cell phone minutes. Most units allow you to access all of your contacts stored in your cell phone, as well as play your personalized ring-tones for in-coming calls. And, you don’t have to hunt for your cell phone when you need to make a call since you can use any of the home phone handsets.

Best of all, you’ll never miss a call because your cell phone was in another room – in-coming calls will also ring on all the handsets. The only drawback we’ve found so far is that the cell phone battery is drained much quicker due to the always connected Bluetooth link which automatically connects to the base station when in range.

Check out the Panasonic KX-TG774x series with either 2, 3 or 5 handsets. Priced around $80 or $110 depending on the handsets.

2. Hand Held iPhone Projector:

iPhone Projector
iPhone Projector – Credit: iPico

With the amazing mega-pixel still pictures and full 1080 HD video capabilities of the new IPhone, you don’t want everyone crowding around a 4 inch screen to see your latest.

In order to share your pictures and videos to the fullest, you need a projector.

The portable units use a small cable or snap directly onto your phone so that you can have it with you all the time.

Our favorite is the “ipico” which is under 4 ounces and about the size of the phone itself, so you can bring it with you everywhere.

Under low-light conditions, you can project a 50 inch screen onto a wall or building with qHD (960 x 540) resolution.

Anything that you can normally see on your phone, can now be projected. This includes your Facebook pages, streaming YouTube videos and more. The only downside to the ultra small units is they don’t have great audio, so you’ll need a pair of external Bluetooth speakers for big sound to go along with the big picture.

More details at IPico – Priced around $100.

3. Wireless Memory Card:

Wireless Memory Card
Wireless Memory Card – Credit: Eye-Fi

With a wireless memory card you no longer have to dock your camera, attach a cable or remove the card to access (and save!) your photos on your computer.

These work the same as a standard memory card, with the benefit that when you are in range of your wireless network, the card will automatically transfer its contents to your computer or storage device and then frees up its memory so you can take more pictures.

You can also use set the card to communicate directly with your laptop, smart phone or other device with a wireless connection.

These come in standard SD form factor, with internal memory of 4GB to 16GB of storage. Prices range from $40 to $100 depending on amount of storage space.

The leader for wireless memory cards is Eye-Fi

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