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The 5 Essential Functions of An Electrical Wire Harness

Aircraft Custom Wire Harness Example
Aircraft Custom Wire Harness Example

It does not matter what type of technology you are designing or manufacturing, choosing from among all of the options available in the electrical wire harness industry can be overwhelming. However, if you are able to partner with an experienced wire harness engineer, they will be able to walk you through all of the various sizes and gauges, coloring and labeling schemes, functions, materials, and all of the other options available to you. Here are five functions of a wire harness.

1. Faster Installation – One of the biggest functions that a wire harness fulfills is that it saves time during the production process. As opposed to an unassembled bundle of wire, a custom or pre-assembled harness removes the need to have a wiring and soldering station on site or have your technicians wasting valuable time fumbling with multiple wires. Instead, your technicians will be trained to identify and install the right harness quickly and easily.

2. Reduction in Quality Issues – Another important factor to consider when managing the implementation of wire assemblies into your production line is to ensure the quality of the products that come off the line. Often, this means making the installation process as simple and fail-proof as possible. The best providers will quality test their own products before they arrive at your facility, and will provide ample instruction to your labor force for installing and quality testing the installed product.

3. Less Noise, Higher Signal Integrity – At the end of the day, every cable assembly needs to be able to transmit an electrical signal, given the requirements of its operating conditions. Usually this will mean higher quality conductor, insulation, and shielding materials for maximum signal fidelity. Your cable provider should work with you to select the best quality materials to accomplish your goals, but will still fit your budget.

4. Fits Its Environment – Finally, every cable harness you order should fit the requirements of the space and environment in which it will be working. This could mean ordering cables that are flexible enough to snake around an engine compartment or computer housing.

Or, it could mean selecting wire specially designed to withstand repeated exposure to a sterilization machine in a hospital or other medical environment.

Or, it could require rugged jacketing materials for the harsh environment of a military installation or industrial application. Careful consideration needs to be given to the environment in which your wire will operate.

5. Faster Identification – Finally one more function of custom cable and wire assemblies is the fact that they can be custom labeled or color-coded for faster identification in the installation process, or even when making repairs. The options are literally limitless for custom identification methods: from different colored wires, to striped wires, to wires printed with custom messages or codes.

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Image Source: Diamond Aircraft

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