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The Biggest Digital Transformation Must-Haves for 2019

Creating a successful business in the 21st century is challenging to say the least. The modern business landscape is littered with competition, which can make it difficult for an entrepreneur to achieve the level of success they are after. One of the worst things a business owner can do is avoid the need for new technology.

Failing to use state-of-the-art technology for your business can put you at a disadvantage and may lead to you losing a competitive edge. This is why taking on the process of digital transformation is a must. With the help of IT professionals like the WGroup, finding and implementing the right tech tools will be a breeze.

The following are some of the must-have digital transformation tools your business needs in 2019.

Personalizing Your Marketing Approach is Essential

Did you realize that businesses who adopt a digital first strategy can increase revenue by nearly 34 percent? The key to having a successful digital transformation is putting the needs of your customers as a top priority. Finding new ways to make their experience with your company enjoyable is essential when attempting to keep customers loyal.

One of the best ways to create and foster relationships with new consumers is by finding ways to personalize your marketing approach. Most consumers will respond positively to customized emails and instant message that feature their name. No one wants to feel like just another face in the crowd, which is why marketing personalization is so important.

Making short and concise messages specifically designed for a niche market can also be effective. There are also a number of automated tools you can use to personalize your marketing efforts. By automating things like email messages to new consumers, you can ensure these tasks are performed consistently. Over time, you will start to see your investment in personalized marketing tools and methods pay off.



The Power of Chatbots

Most people instantly think if hoards of robots taking over the world when they hear the term artificial intelligence (AI). In reality, AI is being used in a number of different programs you probably already use. Instead of running for the hills when you hear the term artificial intelligence thrown around, you need to find a way to embrace it.

One of the best ways to implement AI into your digital transformation is with chatbots. Chatbot programs allow you to answer common questions from consumers on your website with ease. Many businesses use this technology to move website visitors further down their sales funnel.

The last thing any business owner wants is for potential customers to leave their website with unanswered questions. The best way to solve this once and for all is by using chatbots on your website.



Cloud-Based Project Management Tools

One of the biggest challenges most business owners face is managing their workforce. Over the past few years, more and more businesses have started to embrace the convenience of remote workers. Managing these workers can be much easier when using cloud-based project management software.

These programs allow you to assign tasks and track their progress in one easy-to-use dashboard. Most of these programs also feature a message board that allows you to stay connected with your team. Instead of making the mistake of losing track of the work your remote team is doing, stay on track with cloud-based project management software.

Don’t Let Change Scare You

Ignoring the need for a digital transformation can create a lot of problems for your company. Instead of fearing change, you need to meet it head-on and take advantage of the technology at your disposal.

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