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The Growing Market For Fitness Tech For Seniors

Contributing Author Ali Alvis provides us a glimpse into the senior fitness market in this article.

Seniors are gravitating towards technology faster than ever before, with 40% now owning smartphones; this number has, in fact, doubled in the past 5 years. And with the aging population growing in size, they are proving to be prioritizing a fitter and healthier lifestyle than generations before them.

Factors such as earlier retirement, increased access to health care, and an emphasis on maintaining overall fitness are all attributing to 60 being the new 40. And with the ample options of tech available to keep seniors fit, it’s truly never been easier to do so.

More Disposable Income

When compared to all other age demographics, present day seniors have the greatest financial security and access to disposable income. Although many are retired, they have properly planned for their retirement and have an abundance of funds they can utilize for tech related products.

Their savings have been accumulated through smart tactics such as the four percent rule; that is, withdrawing 4% of the retirement fund each year to utilize for disposable income. And for many, this includes using these funds for staying in good health and embarking on a fitness journey.

Use Of Fitness Trackers

The most common mode of exercise for seniors is walking. It is recommended that seniors get a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week,and many find that going for walks and hikes are the best way to hit the targets. And with that in mind, activity trackers and step counters are the most popular bits of technology for active seniors.

In addition to measuring steps and the amount of exercise, fitness trackers also monitor blood pressure, internal temperature, and heat rate. When judging the best options, it’s important to consider the ease of use, attractive look, key features, large display, and battery life. For seniors, the best options are the Fitbit Surge, Samsung Gear Fit 2, and the Apple Watch.

Wireless Earbuds

Because seniors are very likely to have their own smartphone, they are using these phones or fitness trackers as part of their regular fitness routine. Many listen to music, podcasts, or even stream the radio while working out, and so they need up to date and functional headphones. Wireless earbuds are certainly their best option, with many options having decent quality of sound and it being the most hassle free and convenient option. 

There are also options that specifically cater to seniors, as they combat hearing loss and avoid further damage to the ears. These wireless earbuds have balance control, so seniors can adjust the volume in each ear depending on personal preferences. Certain models can even be used over top a hearing aid. Top picks include the Geemarc CL7400BT Bluetooth Headphones, and OTOJOY Loopbuds Hearing Loop Headphones.

Seniors are now living their most active lives, and are more likely than ever before to embrace the use of technology. Fitness technology is adapting to this growing market, and making products that greatly appeal to seniors; more options and innovations are certainly expected as this area continues to rapidly increase.

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