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The International Space Commerce 2013 Summit Is Just A Week Away, October 29th

Space Angels Network At ISC2013
Space Angels Network At ISC2013

The ISC2013 Summit will be held on Tuesday,  October 29, 2013 at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Bloomsbury Street in London, England. There will be a large focus on commercial activity in space with the agenda covering a wide variety of topics including legal and regulatory issues, insurance challenges, space mining, ground infrastructure and suborbital travel.

In addition to the exceptional panel of speakers, to make it a truly memorable experience, you’ll be in a luxurious environment, and have the chance to enjoy a drinks reception and Gala Dinner following the first day of the summit!

Join this exclusive senior-level summit that will include:

  • An exclusive presentation by Daniel Rasky from NASA who will discuss the economic benefits of space travel and development to society .
  • Presentations by Space Agencies from all around the globe including UK Space Agency, China National Space Administration – CNSA, European Space Agency – ESA, German Aerospace Centre – DLR, Italian Space Agency – ASI and the Czech Space Office.​
  • A presentation from Carlo Viberti, Founder & President, COSMO Spaceland on combining research and commercialization in the space sector.
  • Xcor and SpaceX providing high-level insights on how Europe can create the best regulatory and socio-economic conditions to spur the growth of European commercial space industries and on the future of commercial space transportation as well as more about the latest status of the XCOR Lynx.
  • An investor panel that will help delegates understand the factors that drive investment in the space industry, with featured guests including Chad Anderson, Space Angels Network), Per Wimmer, Wimmer Space, Joerg Kreisel, JKIC and Andrew Nelson, XCOR Aerospace.

Amongst the private and public bodies that will be in attendance next week are:

  • Economic Policy Centre, London Institute of Space Policy and Law,
  • Czech Space Office,
  • German Aerospace Center (DLR),
  • Spaceport Sweden,
  • Mars One,
  • Space Angels Network,
  • CBK PAN,
  • Astrobotic,
  • COSMO Spaceland,
  • Technology Strategy Board,
  • International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety,
  • The Isle of Man Government,
  • zero2infinity,
  • Wimmer Space,
  • International Institute of space Law (IISL) / International Institute of Air and Space Law,
  •  Leiden Law School,
  • NASA,
  • Space-Based Technologies and Commercialized Development,
  • Generation Orbit Launch Services,
  • Spectrum Policy Group,
  • Ofcom,
  • SpaceX,
  • European Space Agency (ESA),
  • Surrey Satellite Technologies,
  • Astrium Satellites,
  • Italian Space Agency (ASI),
  • Deep Space Industries,
  • SATEC,
  • Oklahoma State University / State of Oklahoma,
  • UK Space Agency,
  • Atrium Space Insurance Consortium,
  • D-Orbit,
  • China National Space Administration (CNSA),
  • XCOR Aerospace,
  • Astrium Services,
  • JKIC,
  • Space Angels Network,
  • TreeMetrics,
  • Oklahoma Spaceport,
  • Satec Group,
  • HET Hochleistungs-, Eisenbahn- und Transporttechnik Entwicklungs GmbH,
  • Insyen,
  • Orbital Outfitters,
  • Eutelsat,
  • CNSA,
  • RapidEye,
  • Danish Aerospace Company,
  • Almatech,
  • AZURSPACE Solar Power,
  • Pakistan Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO),
  • Jaxa – Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency,
  • Elmiz JSC,
  • IHI Aerospace Co.,
  • Bloomberg News,
  • Russian Embassy,
  • Space Safety Magazine,
  • Space Operations Consulting,
  • Reed Expositions,
  • UC Denver,
  • Eutelsat,
  • Booster Industries




Call: +44 20 7111 1615

Visit the website: ISC2013 Summit

For every day updates follow us on Twitter @IRN_Space and join our LinkedIn Group

‘International Space Network’

To register for the conference: Registration Page


(Image Credit – Space Angels Network)

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