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The Sharing Economy For Athletes From Advntur

Athletes Connecting In The Sharing Economy
Athletes Connecting In The Sharing Economy

A San Diego startup has entered the vogue sharing economy, and staying true to its roots, caters to the athletic community. Advntur offers athletes who are traveling the opportunity to connect with local athletes and enjoy their sport wherever they go. The company offers services across the United States and aims to expand into Western Europe in the near future.

With the surging popularity of the sharing economy, Advntur aims to carve out its niche as the premier travel community for athletes. Instead of using one site for lodging, one site for gear rental and a third site for local knowledge and companionship, Advntur offers all three under one roof, and it offers them exclusively to sports enthusiasts. When strangers connect online and meet in person, a significant disconnect stands between the two, whereas when two surfers or runners or triathletes meet in person, there is an instant bond and connection, and Advntur looks to bring those athletes together to share the sport they love.

Modeled similarly to other sharing economy companies, hosts on Advntur share their equipment in exchange for money. Guests search for their sport at their destination, connect with hosts online and then meet in person to play the sport together. Hosts choose what they want to offer: lodging, sports gear, playing the sport with the guest or any combination, allowing hosts and guests to customize their experience. Hosts set their own prices, and guests are charged for only what they use. However, the company doesn’t center on connecting people who need equipment with people who offer equipment but instead focuses on connecting people who share the same passion for their sport.

Hosts across the country are being recruited to join the Advntur community and get paid to do what they love. In the wake of an article in an online French surfing publication, Advntur looks to expand internationally and offer services in Western Europe this Fall. The company is currently developing its app for iOs and Android devices and aims to release it also early this Fall. Twelve sports currently comprise the Advntur community, and more are sure to follow. While Advntur is young and very new, it has enjoyed strong support and it is excited to meet more athletes as its community grows.

About Advntur – Founded on the belief athletes should not have to sacrifice their passion when traveling, Advntur offers athletes the opportunity to do what they love wherever they go. We believe
in a healthy balance between work and play, and we’re working to make sure play never takes a back seat. Proud to be based in San Diego, birthplace of the triathlon, we pride ourselves on our connection to our community and our commitment to serving athletes. Please visit for more information.


Image Source: Advntur

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