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The Tech You Need for Your Social Media to Succeed

Over 3.2 billion people use social media, that’s 42% of the population; it’s no longer an option for businesses to be successful on social media, it’s a necessity. Social media is constantly evolving – the platforms that are popular, the way the algorithms prioritize content, the quality content itself and the way users see and engage with the content is always changing.

Brands need to be sure they understand this when running their business’ page. They need to curate content that is going to give people all the things they want but make sure they stay modern, and the only way to do that is by staying up to date on the technology available.

Tech To Make Your Content Pop

Since social media and technology are always evolving, the content your company publishes needs to evolve and stay current as well. Digital cameras that can edit and then post directly to Instagram are an essential technology for businesses that need to turn pictures around quickly. If posting quickly isn’t essential to your business, being able to edit the photos or videos you take into graphic designs, informational videos, or just pleasing images to intrigue those who see it.

For that, you need two things: a laptop that can properly store and edit these images and the software to create what you want! Adobe is the perfect software bundle; you can choose which of the applications you want instead of paying for things you don’t need. So whether you just need to adjust lighting and filters or actually create a video, they’ve got you covered.

Software Tech for your SEO 

Don’t think that just because your business is getting into social media that you don’t need to think about SEO anymore. The same elements that make your social media work, such as sharing content that’s both useful and user-friendly, doing what you say you’ll do, building healthy relationships with consumers and others in your industry are the elements search engines prefer to serve up.

Social profiles matter to Google and they definitely matter to people who are looking up your business online. One of the newest technologies in SEO is machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, in search. Machine learning would be the end of generic, search-bot-oriented tactics. Instead, competitive research will play a much more important part of every SEO campaign.

The Future Of Tech In Social Media 

One of the most interesting new technologies in social media could be virtual reality which is currently making waves around the tech world. Virtual reality allows developers to artificially create simulations and real-life situations or experiences. Just add a virtual reality headset and users are able to be immersed into simulations that actually seem real. Right now, most VR is used for video games, but that’s just the beginning, including rumors of a VR movie. Facebook has a VR dedicated app and a camera maker has plans for a VR smartphone in the works.

Augmented reality is a similar technology, but it’s different in that it combines virtual and the real world; it was first made famous by location-based game Pokémon GO. Augmented Reality is how you can visualize what a table will look in your dining room by hovering a smartphone over an empty space. Imagine what else augmented reality could do for a brand; creating virtual spaces that social media users could interact with may very well be the next social media sensation.

The key takeaway is to pay attention to changes in BOTH the social media and the tech world because they’re so intertwined and having a firm grasp on both can only help your business in the long run.

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