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The Top Tech For Vlogging In 2021

According to YouTube, since its inception in 2005, the number of subscribers worldwide has reached over 2 billion. In a saturated world of content creators, ensuring your videos are impactful, interesting and engaging is important – and ensuring you have the right tech to do the job will help you stand out from the poorly shot and lit wobbly cameraphone filming offered by many would-be vloggers. From cameras and lenses to sound recording equipment and selfie sticks, here are some of the best bits of kit on the market right now.

The absolute essentials

You’ve got your idea, you’ve identified your niche, and you’ve drafted some content ideas – so how do you actually get going with some high-quality vlogging action? A decent camera should top the list of any aspiring vlogger, and if you’re already producing video content, it might be worth looking into how a new and better model could really raise your vlogging game.

Many older models shoot in 1080p, which is really a bit behind the times, but still a good starting point, and most modern webcams, smartphones and cameras now have a minimum of 4K as standard, with high-spec cameras rapidly increasing in affordability.

If you’re simply planning to stream content sitting in front of a screen, then a decent webcam will do the job. The Logitech C922x Pro Stream has a range of features, including automatic focus, excellent image quality, and the option to tilt and pan, as well as the ability (unusually for a webcam) to mount it on a tripod.

Whether you sit in front of a screen or venture out and about, make sure you have an adequate mount or tripod, such as the Manfrotto PIXI, Joby GorillaPod, or SYOSIN Selfie Stick – the best option for you will depend on where you want to shoot video, and which type of camera you choose.

Shooting further afield

If it’s action you’re after, then the DJI Osmo Action might fit the bill. A competitor to the ever-prevalent GoPro Hero8, it offers a built-in front LCD for easy viewing whilst you record, and the ability to use external microphones and lens filters. With 4K HDR and digital stabilization, you’re able to capture adventures in all kinds of light and surroundings.

For a bit more flexibility in less challenging environments, the Panasonic Lumix DC-S5 is a fantastic option, with the Lumix S 20-60mm lens offering a perfect shooting range for vlogging and allowing you to record images in 4K with 10-bit quality.

Supporting equipment

Supplement your high image quality with an external microphone for enhanced sound, and your viewers will thank you – make sure you have a camera that supports connection to an external mic. A clip on lavalier mic like the Rode Wireless Go is a reasonably cheap option, and great to use in noisy environments or where there is not much room for a shotgun mic.

If you’d prefer a mic you can mount to the top of your camera, then the Rode VideoMic Pro offers up to 70 hours of high-quality audio recording (including tailored output gain and frequency adjustment) from a single battery power source. If you’re using a smartphone, then upping the audio quality is a must, and the Joby Wavo does the job impressively, weighing only 50g, using a directional cardioid polar pattern to isolate and enhance voice, and attaching easily via its included mobile smartphone mount.

With a range of innovative products on the market at ever more affordable prices, there is no better time to invest in vlogging tech than now. Great vlogging is all about image and audio quality that really enhances your carefully crafted content – so making the time to check out the best tech tools available is a must if you want your stuff to be seen and appreciated.

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