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Things You Should Avoid Doing While Using A Public Wi-Fi

Today public Wi-Fi is available everywhere, from schools to the hotels. Wi-Fi has made life easier for everyone, but there are some risks associated with it. Such as your personal information on a laptop and smartphone are at risk. Therefore, here are some of the things that you should avoid doing while using public Wi-Fi.

Check Out for Any Fake Wi-Fi Access Point 

There are fake routers that are designed to look like they are legitimate, but hackers operate them. The man-in-the-middle attack is a popular method that invaders use to try to get between you and your data on your email or bank websites. These situations are hard to detect; so, if you do not know who is controlling the network, avoid using it. Always ask for a Wi-Fi name before connecting to it.

Avoid Checking Your Bank Accounts and Emails 

It is not a good idea to log into your bank accounts. Also, logging into email using public Wi-Fi can have detrimental effects. Since your email can be used to reset the passwords of all the services that you use. It makes it easier for hackers to impersonate you.

Avoid Using Non-Secure Website 

When you are connecting to a site, there is a lot of information exchange. A non-secure site makes it easier for a person with advanced computer skills to gain access to your business. You should ensure that you access secure websites that use ‘https’ instead of “http.” Safe sites ensure that the data passed between your laptop and web server is encrypted.

Avoid Automatic Connection to A Free Wi-Fi 

It is the right custom IT solutions to ensure that once you are done using public Wi-Fi, remove it from your device. You can choose’ forget this network’ feature on your device when it is actively trying to connect. A hacker can notice your device is searching for a Wi-Fi and create a phony access point for your device to join. 

Avoid Using Your Mobile Apps

It may sound alarmist, but when using public Wi-Fi, use browsers in your laptop instead of your mobile apps. Why? Apps security varies, but browsers have gone through strict auditing for sensitive transactions and e-commerce.

Avoid Accidental Sharing 

At work or home, you may share printers, files, or allow remote login to your laptop from other computers. You should remember to turn off this feature while accessing public Wi-Fi. You can also turn off the ‘network discovery’ feature in your computer to prevent others from seeing your laptop, making it less likely to be targeted.

Use Personal Hotspot Instead 

You can consider using your mobile hotspot instead of public Wi-Fi. A mobile hotspot can support a few devices at once. But before you use a hotspot, ensure that you have secured it from any intruders. You should also check your data plan to avoid expenses you have not planned for.


 When hackers steal your identity, it can be hard to recover. There is no way that you can flip a switch to restore always. Always adopt the right custom IT solutions while using public Wi-Fi to ensure your data is safe and secure.

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