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Top 10 Apple Pay FAQs

Understanding Apple Mobile Payment Service
Understanding Apple Mobile Payment Service

The Cupertino based American Multinational Corporation; Apple Inc. has officially launched its much awaited mobile payment system, Apple Pay.

This innovative NFC based mobile pay system allows iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users to make point-of-sale purchases using their smartphone devices.

However, this service is currently available in the US market only and is not available for all iPhone and iPad models.

Here, we bring you top 10 FAQs, which will let you know all about Apple Pay.

Q. 1 – What is Apple Pay?

This is Apple’s new NFC based mobile payment system, which allows iPhone and iPad users to make quick purchases at all the major retailers. All you need to do is take your Apple iPhone near the credit card terminal and use Touch ID for making purchases. You can even make in-app purchases using this mobile pay system.

Q. 2 – Is my iPhone/iPad compatible with this mobile payment system?

Apple Pay is compatible with the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus only. Unfortunately, it is not available on the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and the previous iPhone models. Apple’s new generation smartphones; iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus feature Near Field Communication (NFC) and the Secure Element (SE) chips.

The all new Apple iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 are also compatible with this payment system. But since they have SE chips only and not NFC chip, they would allow in-app purchase only. They couldn’t be used at the credit card terminals for making purchases.

Q. 3 – Why my iPhone 5S is not compatible with Apple Pay?

The iPhone 5S doesn’t have the Secure Element (SE) chip. Following which, it isn’t compatible with this payment system.

Q. 4 – Does my bank support Apple Pay?

Apple Inc. has partnered with almost all major banks of US to offer Apple Pay services to the iPhone users. This innovative payment system works with credit and debit cards from American Express, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Chase, Capital One and Bank of America. More than 500 banks will support this innovative mobile payment system by 2015.

Q. 5 – Does this mobile payment system works on Airplane Mode?

The SE chip stores all the payment information in it. Your Apple iPhone doesn’t need to connect with anyone to authenticate the payment process. Hence, Apple Pay works in Airplane mode as well.

Q. 6 – Is it really secure?

Yes, Apple Pay is highly secured mobile payment system, which has been protected with a two-part hardware-based security solution. This system matches your fingerprint, before initiating any new transaction. Also, the users need to use their Touch ID for completing their payments, the way which they earlier did for iTunes purchases.

The second hardware-based security solution is the Secure Element (SE) chip, which stores all your confidential financial information. The SE chip generates a one-time use code, every time a transaction is initiated. No data from SE chip can be accessed for wrong means, even if someone has hacked your device’s operating system. If someone dismantles or tampers your device, the SE chip will shut down automatically.

Q. 7 – Can I use mobile payment system for in-app purchases?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay for in-app purchases.

Q. 8 – Does it need a PIN or Card Swiping to authenticate payments?

No, this mobile payment system doesn’t need any PIN or card swipe to authenticate payments. Rather, Apple Pay aims to replace debit cards and credit cards completely.

Q. 9 – What would happen if my iPhone is lost or stolen?

Apple Pay is an advanced and secured mobile payment service. You can lock down Apple Pay remotely from any browser or Apple device, if your iPhone is lost or stolen. You need to visit Find My iPhone and put your iPhone device into the “Lost Mode”. After which, this mobile payment system will be locked and all your confidential data will be secure.

Q. 10 – Can I add a new card for future transactions?

Yes, you can add a new credit card for making purchases using Apple Pay in the future. You need to add all the relevant information once again, and your new card will be added to this mobile payment system.

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