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Top 10 Electric Cars For Kids

Great Gift For Kids - starting under $175

Ready to step up your game from a pedal pusher to an all electric car for your kids? Here are the best 10 e-cars for children under 10 years old. No drivers license required! You’ll like these so much, you’ll wish it came in an adult size.

These will set you back from $200 to $400. Unlike the real cars, there isn’t any add on destination fees, and you can usually get free delivery though Amazon. Drive happy!

1) Kidzone Lamborghini Sian Roadster

My favorite and the one I wish I had as a kid – a Lambo of your own! What’s really cool about it is the scissor doors that angle up instead of out. Just like a real sports car. It has two 25-Watt motors, for a top-end speed around 3 mph.

There is a slow start device to prevent your kids being shocked by sudden acceleration or deceleration. It only has a single seat (with a three-point harness, of course).

It’ll run for about an hour before needing a recharge, and a portable function for easy moving when it runs out of battery.

We like that it’ll play engine sounds through the built in radio. How cool is that?

There are about 7 colors to choose from, and it’ll cost around $275. You can use this link to check pricing and availability .

2) TOBBI Mercedes

Another sporty car for the kids is the Mercedes from TOBBI. This 2-seater comes in red and loaded with features – The dashboard includes all sorts of function buttons like soft start key, forward & backward button. It also sports LED lights, MP3 music player (with TF memory card slot), horn and of course seat belts.

Max speed is just over 3 mph, and the driver functions can also be controlled by a parent using the included remote.

It’s about $225, and you can compare prices using the Inquisim search engine .

3) Audi TT RS Electric Sports

Another sports car replica, in black, white or red. It’s a single seater with a working seat belt.

Similar to our first two choices, you’ll get a top speed about 3 miles per hour. Standard features include the parental remote control, music player (USB and TF slots), front / rear LED lights and lots of Audi branding.

Around $180, it’s one of the least expensive on the list. Use our link to check out more prices and options .

4) Land Rover Ride-On Car

Is your child more of the adventure and off-road type? Check out the Land Rover with  4-wheel suspension on treaded tires.

This electric car is designed to give kids most authentic driving experience with multiple functions such as power display, 2-turn key start, head & rear lights, radio, adjustable rear mirror, MP3.

Around $250 for red, white or black – get all the prices and manufacturers info .

5) Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

Want to get your kids started with an all-American-brand car? Can’t go wrong with Jeep! These come with different themes, like camping (removable play grill, food pieces, and real grilling sounds) or sports (soccer balls, netting, etc.) that make it even more fun.

The Jeeps are some of the fastest in our round-up, with top speeds in the 5 mph range. There is a parental limiter if you don’t want the kids zipping down the trails too fast.

Around $285, it’s in the middle of the price range. Use the Inquisim search engine for options and prices .

6) Power Wheels Barbie Jeep Wrangler

Similar to the previous Jeep, but with the Barbie colors. Drive around sporting pinks, blues and yellows!

About $380, here’s a link for current prices and availability .

7) Kid Trax Real Rigs Toddler Recycling Truck

A themed e-truck with the friendly face on the grill. The Recycling Truck is a fun option, with a bench seat for two. We like the sound effects and one-button driving.

About $200, check out prices and options for the truck and other similar electric kids vehicles.

8) Kidsclub Ride-On Fire Truck

Who wouldn’t want to cruise around the block in their very own fire truck?

Remote or child-controlled, this truck seats one and has a realistic alarm sound, simulated fire extinguisher, water pistol, horn, MP3 player, and helmet.

These range is price from $225 to $350 depending on the manufacturer and features you are looking for. Use Inquisim for price comparison shopping to find the one you want.

9) Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor With Trailer

If you are into agriculture or just like the looks of a green tractor and trailer, this 12V electric John Deere may be just what you need.

Check out more features, prices and vendors , at around $275.

We hope you liked these and find one that will meet your budget and tastes.

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