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Top 25 Electronics Distributors 2012

Natl. Electronics Dist. Assc
NEDA – Credit: NEDA

Avnet and Arrow continue to lead the rankings and acquisitions for the top 25 electronics distributors in 2012.

Avnet and Arrow continue to be the global leaders for the electronics distribution market, and each has been expanding into new technologies and markets through dozens of acquisitions.

Number two globally, Arrow, has been spending the most with more than six purchases in the last two years. Arrow recently acquired privately held Global Link and also announced the purchase of Ohio EAD (Electronics Asset Disposition) company Redemtech. Arrow has been increasing their EAD position with additions of Asset Recovery Corp. (St. Paul, MN), TechTurn (Austin, TX) and Intechra (Jackson, MI). Arrow has not limited their EAD purchases to the US, but also acquired European company Fiection.

Expanding their core business, Arrow purchased Nu Horizons for $130M. Nu Horizons has been ranked as high as 11th in recent years (see related article Global Distributors 2011 ).

The top distributors typically are full service entities. They offer a wide range of products in the semiconductor, passive, interconnect, eletro-mechanical, displays, computer systems, power supplies and more. They also provide services such as bill of materials (BOM) management, logistics, supply chain management, kitting, sub-assembly, system integration and design services.

WPG, number 3 on the list, is the exception being a purely semiconductor distributor. Flame Enterprise, number 21, is focused exclusively on electro-mechanical products.

Avnet has also been taking advantage of growth through acquisition, starting with Bell Microproducts in 2010. They have been increasing their presence outside of components to expand their system solutions and professional services. Starting with purchases of Canvas Systems (refurbished and used servers, storage, networking solutions), Ascendant Technology (international IT consulting firm) and continuing with BrightStar Partners (business analytics) and BSP Software (business analytics), Avnet is building a business group that can do much more than provide a conduit between suppliers and manufacturers.

For 2012 there are a number of changes for the distributors in the under $1B range.

New to the list are Rutronik, Carlton-Bates, ElectroSonic, RS Electronics and Hughes-Peters.

Dropping off the top 25 list from last year are:
Jaco Electronics
Steven Engineering
Wes Garde Components .

The top 25 distributors ranked by revenue are:

1. Avnet – $26B
2. Arrow – $21B
3. World Peace Group (WPG) – $11B
4. Future Electronics – $5B
5. Allied Electronics / Electrocomponents – $1.9B
6. Premier Farnell (including Newark, Element14) – $1.6B
7. TTI Electronics – $1.5B
8. DigiKey – $1.5B
9. Rutronik Electronics – $1.0B
10. Mouser – $582M
11. DAC Group – $565M
12. Excelpooint Technology – $490M
13. Advanced MP – $385M
14. Carlton-Bates – $362M
15. Dependable Component Supply – $327M
16. Sager Electronics – $219M
17. PEI-Genesis – $212M
18. Richardson Electronics – $161M
19. Master Distributors – $156M
20. Powell Electronics – $120M
21. Bisco Industries – $103M
22. Flame Enterprises – $101M
23. ElectroSonic – $71M
24. RS Electronics – $60M
25. Hughes-Peters – $59M

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