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Top 5 Digital Baby Grand Pianos 2019

Looking for a digital piano in a baby grand case, then consider these options from Suzuki, Yamaha and Roland. Surprisingly, there are only a few name-brand companies producing digital baby grand pianos, and even less for full-sized pianos. Expect to pay at least $1,500 for one of these beautiful instruments.

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Quick Facts

The Suzuki MDG-4000ts ($3,000 to $3,500) – similar size and shape to traditional baby grand, beautiful black lacquer case, 7-inch touch screen, USB, MIDI, most array of features

The Suzuki MDG-400-BL ($2,000 to $2,500) – top performer pick, 4.3-inch touch screen, Bluetooth connectivity, SD Memory Card storage, USB, MIDI, great value price

The Suzuki MDG-300-BL (around $1,500) – best price, and full features in slightly smaller size, 4.3-inch LCD screen, USB, MIDI, Bluetooth

The Yamaha Clavinova VCP-709GP ($15K to $20K) – professional grade “mini” grand smaller size, with finest construction wood keys, synthetic ivory tops and performance hall acoustics

The Roland Digital Baby Grand GP-609 (around $10,000 to $15,000) – best professional value, excellent construction and beautiful sound. If you have the skills, and the budget, this is an excellent choice!

Let’s get to the full review on these fantastic pieces of musical equipment.

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Most Features

The Suzuki MDG-4000ts ($3,000 to $3,500) embeds a 7-inch (800 x 480 pixel) high resolution color touch-screen into the front of the piano, just above middle-C. We found this to be very useful, but some people prefer to not mix the technology.

Piano BG Suzuki Touch Screen Baby Grand Digital Piano MDG-4000tsWe like the cabinet design, with excellent quality materials. It’s a show piece as well as very capable electronic piano. It’s a 4-foot furniture quality cabinet, finished with hand-rubbed, high-gloss black lacquer. The metal accents are “European chrome” hardware.

As expected, it has a full complement of 88-keys. These have Suzuki’s professional “Fatar graded” hammer action. The keys are velocity sensitive, with a realistic feel when playing.

Second to the keys is how it sounds. The MDG-400ts has sports 6 individually tuned speakers inside the cabinet for a closer approximation to a traditional / analog piano. These are configured as 2 x 70W, 2 x 40W and 2 x 15W for 230W of high intensity sound. The 6 speakers comprise 2 each of 6″ woofer, 2″ tweeter and 1″ dome tweeter.

For the digital details, it has a 128 note polyphony, 672 selectable voices, 256 GM voices and 240 rhythm style. It also has 17 drum kits you can choose if you want additional accompaniment.

You can also mix your voice and rhythm selections using digital reverb and chorus, equalizer with adjustable 4 graphic faders, arpeggiator, auto bass chord, etc. There is a 16 track sequencer with built-in 32GB of memory to store your performance. This is enough to store about 500 songs.

The piano has full connectivity with both MIDI and USB ports. You can easily connect your iPad, Windows laptop or a USB Flash Drive for either downloading music, or capturing / recording your own. Suzuki makes it easy to turn your digital piano into a full-recording studio and music library.

In addition to the MIDI in/out and USB, there are also jacks for a microphone input, 2 headphones, Audio-In and Audio-Out.

The controls are simple: You can use the touch screen for many settings, and there is also a Master-Volume slider, 4 knobs, effects switch and select switch.

Another nice feature we like, especially for beginning / learning piano playing is a built-in metronome with an assignable beat, adjustable volume level and a tempo range from 30 to 280 beats per minute.

Similar to a traditional piano, there are 3 pedals for Sustain, Sustenuto, and Soft playing. If you aren’t familiar with it, the “Sustenuto” function is similar to holding notes, except this only sustains notes that are already on. You can also assign different functions to the pedals, as these are under software control.

Included with the piano is the matching concert bench (with storage), users manual, quick start guide, and grand suite software.

The MDG-400ts is the same size as a traditional baby grand at 58″ W x 48″ D x 37″ H, and weighs in similarly at 311 pounds.

You can find more information, customer comments and ordering information (including recent pricing) using this Amazon link: Suzuki MDG-4000ts

Performance Favorite

The Suzuki MDG-400-BL ($2,000 to $2,500) has nearly all the features of the MDG-400ts, at about $1,000 less. It plays beautifully and looks fantastic, making it the Performance Favorite of this review. We do like the larger screen on the 4000ts, but at 4.3-inches the true color LCD display is still usable and appreciated.

Piano BG Suzuki 88-Key Digital Piano MDG-400-BLThe cabinet is made from hand-rubbed, high-gloss black lacquer, with a simulated (e.g., composite) Maple wood inner board.

The 88-keys are velocity sensitive to with graded hammer action, providing a good feel and responsiveness.

The speaker system and acoustics are similar to the 400ts:  6 speaker stereo- sound configured as 2 bass, 2 mid range and 2 high intensity.

In addition the the USB connectivity, the MDG-400 also has Bluetooth so you can wirelessly connect to any of your supported devices. This turns your piano into a complete stereo entertainment center. Additionally, there is a USB 2.0 port and an SD Memory Card slot.

The digital features include: 128 General MIDI and 122 selectable voices with 100 rhythm styles, 80 pre-loaded songs (on the SD Card), digital reverb with chorus, fully-adjustable equalizer with 10 graphic faders, and a 3 track song recorder.

For beginners or anyone still learning to play piano, there are 14 on board demo songs and 55 play-a-long songs with grading feature to let you know how closely you are playing the music compared with the original score.

This also has the same 3 pedals for Sustain, Sustenuto, and Soft playing.

Similar to all the digital baby grands, this comes with a matching bench with storage, a users manual and a songbook to get you started.

The 400-BL is slightly larger than the 400ts, measuring 64.8 x 54 x 40 inches (versus 58″ W x 48″ D x 37″ H), and a little heavier at 346 pounds (versus 311).

For more information, latest pricing, or to order, use this Amazon link: Suzuki MDG-400-BL

Best Price

The Suzuki MDG-300-BL 88-Key Digital Piano (about $1,500) is a an electronic baby grand that approaches the price of a portable keyboard. You get nearly all the features of the 400-BL, in the same type of attractive black lacquer cabinet but in a smaller format.  The 300-BL is 57.9 x 31.4 x 23.2 inches and 216 pounds, letting it comfortably fit into most any rooms.

Piano BG Suzuki 88-Key Digital Piano MDG-300-BLIt hosts a 4.3-inch LCD display.

The keyboard is fully responsive, with the same velocity sensitive graded hammer construction.

The cabinet houses the same 6 speaker sound delivery system, so you’ll still get the depth and richness of music as the more expensive models.

The digital features are nearly the same as well – 128 note polyphony, on-board 3 track music sequencer, etc.

It has MIDI, USB and Bluetooth, but no SD memory card slot.

We like that this is a compact baby grand that still plays well, sounds great and has a lot of electronic features. The size makes it a better fit for most homes that are looking to add the elegance of a piano, yet still have room for everyday living around it.

For more details, pricing or ordering, please use this Amazon link: Suzuki MDG-300-BL

Professional Grade

The Yamaha Clavinova VCP-709GP ($15,000 to $20,000) – This is a professional grade electronic digital “mini” grand offers a new level of sound, features and finish. But you’ll also pay a significant premium for this grand piano-like presence.

Piano BG Yamaha Clavinova CVP-709GPThe keyboard is just the start of what sets the Clavinova apart from the less expensive digital pianos. It comes with Yamaha’s “NWX” (Natural Wood X) keyboard with escapement, and is finished with synthetic ivory keytops for an outstanding tactile touch response.

Next its sound is impressive, thanks to an exclusive acoustic design that achieves grand piano-like tonal resonance and a powerful subwoofer.

There are a host of electronic features, including configurations for your own accompanying band and settings for different types of venues / music halls. These are a bit beyond our capabilities to fully explore, so please see the short Yamaha video below for more information:

Professional Value

The Roland Digital Baby Grand GP-609 (around $10,000 to $15,000) is our favorite for the serious musician or professional player. It’s priced right for the extraordinary features it provides.

Piano BG Roland GP609 Digital PianoThe folks at Roland say it best – “If you need convincing that technology and tradition can coexist, take a seat at the Roland GP609 Digital Grand. This luxurious instrument offers every type of player a sublime grand piano experience, fusing advanced technology and authentic playing feel with classic grand piano cabinet design.

Be inspired by an instrument that combines the latest sound engine with a brand-new keyboard mechanism, enhanced multi-channel speaker system and a variety of digital advantages – along with stunning sounds that will spark great performances for years to come.”

Regarding their SuperNATURAL Modeling for Performance – “If you’ve played acoustic pianos for years, you might conclude that nothing can recreate that evocative tone and feel. Press a key on the GP609 and reconsider.

This latest digital instrument features Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling, replicating the entire sound creation process of an acoustic piano, for a rich, complex tone.

You’ll be inspired by a unique keyboard that blends wood and molded materials for great feel and durability, while even the most demanding players using advanced techniques will be satisfied by the expressive Progressive Damper Action pedal.”

We’ll leave you with a wonderful piece from the Roland GP609 demo:

Wrap Up

Which of these fabulous pianos would suit your playing?

Most Features – Suzuki MDG-4000ts ($3,000 to $3,500)

Best Value – Suzuki MDG-400-BL ($2,000 to $2,500)

Best Price – Suzuki MDG-300-BL (around $1,500)

Professional “Mini” – Yamaha Clavinova VCP-709GP ($15K to $20K)

Best Professional Pick – Roland Digital Baby Grand GP-609 (around $10,000 to $15,000)

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