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Top 6 Benefits of Adopting BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

Benefits To Employee Owned Tech
Benefits To Employee Owned Tech

BYOD stands for bring your own device. This trend is picking up slowly and gradually, because more and more businesses are allowing their employees to bring their personal gadgets to the office.

Employees are getting used to having the newest technology at their disposal at home and they want to use the same technology in office while working as well.

BYOD can be really beneficial, if you figure out the proper policies to keep your data secured.

Some of the advantages of BYOD are:

1- Save Money

When you allow your employees for BYOD, you save lot of money which you otherwise have to invest on buying the devices for your employees. And this cost doesn’t end here, the company has to continuously invest on the upgrading of the software’s, hardware updates etc. When your employees bring their own device, they are also responsible for upgrading the software and hardware of their device. Of course as a matter of principle its a good idea for employers to give some “equipment allowance” for workers to purchase or upgrade their equipment. In the long run, this is less expensive that providing everything for everyone.

2 – Acceptance

When your employees are working on their own devices, they are of course more comfortable with that. Most of the time, lots of technical people have customized software on their machines which help them to perform better. At times, your employees are more acquainted to Apple but your office machines only have MicroSoft. In such scenarios, BYOD is very beneficial, and it helps keep people happier when using what they are familiar with.

3- Newer Technology

Most of the employees tend to keep up to the date with technology. They keep buying latest mobile phones, tablets and new laptops. This basically helps you to actually have all the latest machines in your office without purchasing them. This is a win-win situation for both the employees as well as employers.

4 – Equipment Care

There is no doubt that employees will take care of their own devices better than their official devices. There will be no damage costs to the company, if something happens to the device owned by an employee while working for the company.

5 – Better Productivity

Allowing employees to use their own device and software’s they are comfortable with, will lead to better productivity. All the employees will be using the software, they are familiar with. Hence, they will be giving more productivity to the company and will not be wasting any time trying to get to know of different software’s.

6 – Satisfaction

When your employees are working on the equipment most familiar to them, they become more satisfied. They understand and respect the fact, that company is giving them the benefit of working on their favorite machines and trusting them enough to use their gadgets in the at the office. This fact gives them satisfaction and motivation.

After reading all the above said points, don’t you think that BYOD is actually a very good idea? I think, this BYOD can actually be helpful in cost cutting as well as employee satisfaction. Let’s see how many companies do sign-up for BYOD in coming years.

Source: GoArticles by Author Larry Adson, who is a marketing communicator and writes about latest trends and technology. Click here for enterprise web solutions and mobile app development service.


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