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Top 7 Apps To Get Organized [VIDEO]

Apps To Get Organized
Apps To Get Organized

Time is the one thing we never seem to have enough of, and can never get more of. To help make the most of it, get organized!

The seven apps listed below (Evernote, Todoist, ReQall, Mint, DropBox, LastPass and Timr) were selected for this quarters top apps to help you get quickly organized in both your personal and professional worlds (sometimes helping to transition between the two) and help you manage your time, money, electronic files and the hundred-and-one things that needed to be done yesterday.


The elephant logo says it all – “Remember Everything”. This free app works across multiple devices, platforms and operating system allowing you to capture your ideas, notes, pictures, web sites and even transcribe your memos into text. The app saves and synchronizes all your information across all of your devices, so everything is available anywhere,  all the time. The personal version is free, and a business version is available for team collaboration.

Introduction  To Evernote ( 50s) –


Rather than scribbling a to-do list on the back of an old envelope or Post-It notes, the free app from Todoist makes it easy to create and manage lists. Todoist lets you do more than just creating lists – you can add deadlines and assign priorities, color code tasks and even make nested tasks to help break down something large into smaller, more manageable tasks. An additional benefit is that your tasks and lists will synchronize across all your devices, so you can stay organized regardless of where you are.


This app is will be your favorite electronic assistant that lets you know what you need to do based on where you are. Unlike other reminders, reQall is an intelligent, proactive assistant that continuously datamines past, current, and future context and offers assistance unprompted; it doesn’t sit idle waiting for you to ask a question before offering assistance. And it’s free …

Rover – A Proactive Assistant (1m, 46s) –


From Intuit (the makers of Quicken, Quickbooks and Tax Preparation software), the Mint app lets you organize, simplify and streamline everyday finances. After you set everything up (a five to 10 minute task), Mint automatically pulls in your financial information so that you have it in once place and quickly have the entire picture of where your money is being spent. It’s secure with banking-grade 128-bit encryption, and it’s free.

Introduction To Mint Video (1m, 32s) –


Keep all your documents, presentations, music, photos and videos in the cloud with a secure account. You can create public folders for sharing files, and can email links to friends, family and colleagues that don’t have accounts (yes, you can give access to anyone whether they are Dropbox users or not). Best of all, it’s free with 2GB worth of storage and monthly subscriptions for  100GB ($8.25), 200GB ($16.60) and 500GB ($41.60). Business can also use the service with unlimited storage for up to 5 users ($795/annually).


One password to automatically access all your other passwords – with LastPass, your master password is the only password you’ll ever need again. I can’t count the number of hours spent typing in various passwords for the websites I use each day, and that’s not even counting LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Quora, Yahoo, Amazon ….!! The app is secure and can hold an unlimited number of passwords so you can access any webpage you have to log on to. The basic version is free and the premium will cost only $12 / year.


Key to getting organized is knowing where your time is being spent. The Timr app tracks your time while you are working and provides complete logs and histories of where your time went. For business owners, it’s a great way to track billable hours for a project; for personal use you can monitor how much you spend on emails, playing video games, exercising or catching some ZZZZ’s at night.


Simple Budgeting Calculator – Budgeting is a way of prioritizing your spending through careful planning and organizing. This planning process lays out where all of your money goes. There are several reasons why tracking and budgeting funds are vital to financial intelligence, all of which we will discuss here. Before we get started, though, it’s always good to have an idea what you spend and what you can save. We build a quick budgeting calculator to hep you out.

(Video Credit – Evernote)

(Video Credit –ReQall )

(Video Credit –Mint )

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