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Top Reasons to Own a Remote Control Toy

Remote Control RC HelicopterMany would say remote controlled vehicles are toys and only children should play with them, but I disagree. Modern RC vehicles are technologically advanced to the point that some require adult supervision. Even more, regardless of the type (car, plane, helicopter, boat or drone) some are very fast and come with tons of features.

That’s why owning one can open the door to a pretty cool hobby and a very open-minded community. Still, if you need more convincing before buying your first RC toy, take a look at the reasons I described below.

#1: They are tons of Fun

If you know how to choose it, an RC toy can be a lot of fun! And each version comes with its own adventures. For instance, RC cars can be used for racing, for off-road fun or for drifting. Planes and helicopters come with lots of challenges for flying passionate while drones are great for aerials videos and pictures.

Finally, boats offer amazing times spent by the lake (or pool) with your friends or family.

#2: Live your Adventure

RC toys are a fantastic way to spend time outside, especially for people with a sedentary lifestyle. Most RC vehicles are designed to work outdoors so regardless of your age, you will want to see how your new toy works outside.

After all, there’s no fun to drive your monster truck inside the house! Even better, there are lots of RC events you can participate in with your toy. You can race other cars, enroll in drone racing, or simply take a drive on the local lake with other boats.

Once you get the taste of adventure in the RC world, you’ll never want to stop!

#3: Extend the video games adventure

Most people like a certain type of video games, but, even though recent games are quite realistic, they don’t really compare with the real world. With an RC toy you have the chance to play your favorite video game outside and get some physical exercise too!

#4: Socialization

Large RC communities like RC Rank cars are amazing for people who want to socialize. You will be talking with people who share the same interests as you and you’ll get the chance to create connections which are quite rare after a certain age.

#5: It will enhance your Interests

If you like car racing but you’re not a pilot an RC car may be the next best thing. You can use it to participate in official events or simply race other RC fans in your neighborhood. The same goes for planes and helicopter – your love and passion for flying can be put to good use with these amazing toys.

#6: Improve hand-eye coordination

If you’re generally clumsy, an RC hobby will help you develop focus and hand-to-eye coordination. You’ll also learn a lot about orienting yourself in space. Some may say that video games to the same, but with an RC vehicle you’re living the experience and you get real-life feedback such as crashing your vehicle.

Even more, some vehicles use GPS systems for orientation and require calibration which will make you learn more about how these systems work. If you want a real challenge, I recommend getting an RC plane or an RC helicopter – these require serious skills, especially if you want to drive the big models.

Overall, RC toys should be part of everyone’s life as they bring more than just a few hours of fun in the weekend. They bring passionate people together and get us out of the house in our free time!

Author: James Restan is a tech geek guy that works for Best Buy. During the weekends he loves to visit parks with his dog, Lexi and play fetch. He is also a huge collector of Funko Pops


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