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Top Technological Advances in Home Surveillance

Contributed by Ali Alvis

Approximately 60% of convicted burglars indicated that the presence, or lack thereof, of a security system played a role in their decision to target a specific home. While a simple alarm system may have been a sufficient deterrent in the past, times have changed. Luckily, home surveillance technology is advancing as well. From unlimited cloud-based storage to doorbell cameras, modern systems may be the safest a home can get.

Mobile Live Video Streams

CCTV isn’t a new invention; many homes and businesses have live video streaming to the inside of the property, allowing you to check what’s taking place outside while you’re on the inside. If you’re away from your home, however, you can’t see what’s taking place – until now with streaming video. Mobile live video streams can now be set up, allowing you to view your property in real time, from your phone, tablet, or other device (like a laptop or computer at work). Of course, your need for home security is just one use for this type of set-up. Live video can also be used for nanny cams, pet cams, and baby monitoring, among other things.

Recording with Cloud Technology

Gone are the days where one was required to insert tape after tape, or erase files from a hard drive in order to have space for additional recordings. With cloud storage technology, audio and video can be recorded through a network of online computers, eliminating an individual need for a physical means of file storage.

Cloud storage is virtually limitless, which means your property can be recorded 24/7 without loops or stalling due to lack of space. The addition of cameras with motion and/or audio sensors can reduce the need for searching through long videos for properties with constant recorded surveillance. You can even set custom height sensors, so your pet won’t accidentally set off recordings.

Full-Range View

Of course, you can only protect what you can see, which in the past might have meant a whole lot of cameras throughout the home and property- talk about pricey and complicated. Thankfully, the number of cameras needed can be reduced by implementing the use of camera devices with 360 degrees range of motion.

Today’s surveillance cameras can rotate a full circle, thereby capturing an entire space, so there are never any blind spots and you can truly see everything. These types of cameras aren’t just useful for idle properties, either; they’re also an excellent way to increase vehicle safety. If your insurance rates go down as a result, that’s just icing on the cake.

Surveillance systems can be useful for a range of different applications: guarding your home from intruders, monitoring your baby in their crib, keeping an eye on the new housekeeper, or even keeping fido from too much mischief. Modern day systems really do have some incredible capabilities, and technology will only continue to grow and improve, providing even more uses for home surveillance, and further increasing home security.

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