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Types of Cable Manufacturing Certifications – And Why They Matter

Wiring Harness Manufacturing Association
Wiring Harness Manufacturing Association

When on the search for a custom cable manufacturing supplier, one of the biggest obstacles is failing to thoroughly research each candidate supplier’s certifications or credentials. To the uninitiated, the alphabet soup of credentials on many companies’ proposals, or cryptic symbol on their website, may seem ambiguous and confusing. However understanding the verification, and the agency it comes from, proves that the candidate adheres to certain regulations and procedures to ensure safety, quality of product, and timely and accurate service. Here are a few specific types of cable manufacturing certifications, and why they matter.

International Standards Organization (ISO)

Any business registered with the International Standards Organization or ISO has established procedures for ensuring the quality of their service relative to market standards and safety protocols. This means that the company has developed specific processes to their production line to maintain quality and safety for the end-user. The company also has a well-developed training program so that their technicians know how to identify inefficiencies or inadequacies in the product and in the production line. This certification is a clear indication that the manufacturer has systems in place to protect and serve the end consumer.


Among cable manufacturers, the Wiring Harness Manufacturer’s Association, commonly referred to as the WHMA, is the leading regulatory organization. This agency specifically regulates the manufacture of cabling and wiring products, and ensures compliance with all safety and quality standards. At the very least, an IPC A-620 certification ensures that the cable provider and all technicians employed by the provider have undergone hands on training to achieve proficiency in the manufacture of high quality assemblies and harnesses. This is a strong indication to consumers that the product they will receive is top-notch.

UL and CSA Certifications

Look on the bottom of any electronic product and you will be likely to see a UL symbol. This symbol stands for Underwriters Laboratories and is the agency responsible for testing and certifying products and services in the electrical, mechanical, gas, plumbing, and other manufacturing industries. The Canadian Standards Association or CSA is a similar agency, and either certification indicates that the product or service being purchased has been tested and certified according to a predetermined set of quality standards for that product type. Having a UL or CSA symbol on your products is considered a strong vote of confidence amongst consumers.

Environmentally Friendly and Restricted Substances

Some companies market themselves around an environmentally conscious brand. However, it can be difficult to tell if a company is just marketing their environmentalist ideals, or if they are truly living them. Candidates that can produce environmental substance certifications and compliance documents can typically be trusted to provide a truly environmentally friendly product and manufacturing process.

Like most certifications, all of the manufacturer verification agencies above requires periodic up training and additional classes, and occasional audits and inspections in order to stay current. Be sure to ask for copies of any certification information, complete with dates of eligibility.

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Article Author: Rocky Rhodes

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Image Source: WHMA

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