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Unique And Innovative Artwork At 3DCAMP

Phoenix Empress Created With Maya
Phoenix Empress Created With Maya

3DCAMP Houston is a one day annual conference that showcases innovative 3D technologies across a myriad of artistic and scientific disciplines with presentations and interactive sessions.

From holographic paintings that tantalize the viewer to 3D printers that produce completely formed sculptures, there is something amazing for everyone to experience.

Featured artists for 3DCAMP 2013 will showcase a number of unique and innovative artworks. These designers use the latest in 3D modelling and printing to bring their creations from imagination to reality.

Artists come from many different backgrounds and experiences, but each brings a special perspective to using 3D Technology for realizing their works.

Lynsey (Steinberg) Ekema is a graduate of the Medical Illustration Graduate Program at the Medical College of Georgia [MCG] and a full time Medical Illustrator and Mobile Web Application Developer at Georgia Regents University in Augusta, Georgia. A sample of her works can be found on her website, ” Fraulein Medical ” She wrote to 3DCAMP to explain her creative process as:

 I start with hand drawing storyboards. I create and build models in Cinema4D or if really feeling particular I will build in Zbrush.

Then taking all the footage from C4D and bringing it into Adobe AfterEffects to composite it together with narration.

I tend to render out of C4D with the Alpha channel so I can use and manipulate it to my liking in AfterEffects. Narration has to be chopped up so I can edit and reposition that as well.

Sandi Milford is a mixed media artist with an interest in combining new processes and traditional techniques. Her current work is about all things biological. She is constantly finding ways to take the processes and forms from inside the body and put them on the outside to change the perspective of how we “wear” art, as well as making biological concepts fun and interactive. At 3DCAMP 2013, Ms. Milford will be featuring her recent creation,  “Sperm Necklace” . For more information on her pieces and her process, visit her website ” Haploid Uprising “.

James Xu is the final artist we are profiling, and his illustration, “Phoenix Empress”, is featured at the beginning of this article. Mr. Xu works with Autodesk Maya tools to create realistic fantasy people and scenery. His works can be found at ” Illume Studio “. Asked about how he got started in the creative area, he providing 3DCAMP with:

During my undergraduate study at Louisiana Tech University, I was unsure about a career in Art, so I studied Electrical Engineering with a minor in Graphic Design. My time at the art department made me realize I wanted to dedicate my life as an artist. After obtaining my degrees, I went on to study Animation at Savannah College Of Art And Design. I graduated in 2006.

Soon after, I landed a job in Ogden, Utah working as a Senior Animator for an animation studio. I was given the Animation Director position a year later. In late 2008, I got married and decided to move back home to The Woodlands, TX where I can be closer to family. In 2009, I started my own animation studio called Illume Studio and I have been involved in the business since than.

Nowadays, my studio and I mainly do freelance 3D animation work for architecture firms, oil & gas companies, commercial agencies, military contractors, and video game companies. With my free time, I like to create 3D artworks that are more character involved and more on a personal level.

To truly understand and appreciate the skill and craftsmanship that goes into these artworks, you have to see them in person. Registration is still open for 3DCAMP Houston on Saturday, October 5th, 2013. Don’t miss out on this fantastic one day event.

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(Image Credit – James Xu / 3DCAMP )

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