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Why Use Pin Fin Heat Sinks For LED Lighting Today

Heatsinks For LEDs
Heat-sinks For LEDs

When it comes to electronic systems, heat-sinks act as heat exchangers that help to cool a device by transferring heat on to the medium surrounding it.

They are used in computers to cool the CPU (Central Processing Unit). This technology is also used with LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). Normally, heat-sinks are used for any device with an insufficient capability of dissipating heat on it’s own.

Heat-sinks are created to maximize the surface area of the device and increase the contact of the cooling medium that surrounds it. It is used in many devices nowadays and works excellently with LEDs compared to other techniques. Among the different types, Pin Fin heat-sinks are gaining a lot of popularity in new designs.

A Pin Fin heat-sink is a standard type, but it differs from others as it consists of pins that are extended from its base. These pins are in various shapes including elliptical, cylindrical and square shapes. The Pin Fin  heat-sink works on the concept of packing as much surface area as possible into any particular volume.

One can also find straight fin heat-sinks, but Pin Fin works better than them as the air flows along the pins axially instead of flowing tangentially. The main advantage is that they perform in a better manner when they are placed in a tilted position. When compared to others, they show a better performance as well. They are perfect for spotlights that are adjustable and they can also be used for shop lighting and downlighting.

Pin Fin heat-sinks are compact, fabricated with a huge number of pins that are created to provide a lot of air-to-material contact. In addition, they are designed and structured geometrically in a highly effective manner. They excel when they dissipate the heat from electronic devices with a forced convection (e.g., a fan). The material used in any technique makes a huge difference; These Pin Fin heat-sinks are manufactured with the best quality of aluminum.

Aluminum possesses a high level of thermal conductivity and it ensures a uniform and rapid distribution of heat at the pin’s base. Pin Fin heat-sinks made using aluminum perform better than those made from other materials; Additionally, aluminum is actually lightweight. It also tends to exhibit better and more uniform heat dissipation than other materials. LED Pin Fin Heat Sinks can work on any electronic device, but they are excellent when they are used with LEDs.

If you are interested to learn more about LED Pin Fin Heat Sinks, there is a lot of material available online.

Source: EzineArticles by Author Alfred Clark .


(Image Credit – Mingfa Tech )

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