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How to Use Surface Pro for Taking a Screenshot

Snapping Photos With Surface
Snapping Screenshots With Surface

Surface pro, a part of the Surface series of tablets launched by Microsoft has been rated high in terms of performance as well as battery life. Powered by Intel Ivy Bridge CPU and operating on Windows 8 software, the Surface pro tablets are a huge hit amongst the users. After all, who wouldn’t want a feature packed gadget to simplify their day to day tasks? However, some people find it challenging to take screen shots from their Surface pro simply because they are not familiar with the ways to do so.

For several such users who are struggling with a similar issue, mentioned below are a few easy ways to take screenshots using your Surface pro tablet:

1. Pressing two buttons at a time

This is one of most simplest and fastest methods to take screen shots from your Surface pro tablet. There is a windows icon clearly visible on your screen. If you intend to take a screenshot, you need to click the Windows icon and the volume button simultaneously. Once you do this, the results are available in the Pictures folder of your PC section. While this method is ideal for people who want to avoid the hassle of typing on your keyboard, the only disadvantage associated to this technique is that it is a daunting task to synchronize the pressing two buttons to happen at the same time.

2. Use the snipping tool!

Most users are unaware of this fabulous tool provided by Microsoft that allows you to take screen shots in a matter of few minutes. If you can’t locate it instantly, simply swipe screens and search for it. Being free to download, this tool is extremely easy to use. However, if you are unable to understand the basics look for video tutorials or manuals that are easily available on the internet.

3. Get an app

Another interesting way is to download an app compatible with the Surface pro tablet that will allow you to take screenshots almost instantly. You can easily locate such apps as well as download them from the internet. These apps are extremely easy to install as well as use. Additionally, these screen shot apps allow you to store pictures on servers as well as share them through the internet.

Lastly, always remember that taking screenshots is not a daunting task but you still need to invest the effort and patience required to adapt yourself to the method.

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Article Source:  EzineArticles by Author Urvi Tandon.


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