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User Moddable, DIY Home Security System

Meet Your New Home Security System
Meet Your New Home Security System

Cypromus, Inc (Cyp) is launching a Kickstarter campaign in early August for the Cyp Box, the first intelligent home security robot and stereo. The Cyp Box never needs to be armed or disarmed, it’s always on and ready to sense distress in cases of home invasions and call for help.

Voice command will trigger an alarm to call the authorities. For individuals who live alone, Cyp will check in frequently to make sure he or she is okay and alert friends/family if the individual does not respond.

The Cyp Box doesn’t just look like a stereo, it will play your music with quality sound – giving new meaning to the term ‘safe and sound’.

The Cyp Box comes with moddable (hackable/modifiable) hardware, upgradeable software, and is very affordable. With modular, upgradeable components, buying a new box to replace the old one is not necessary – although buying several units could cover an entire home! Cypromus is a software company, which gives them the ability to leverage the scale of software with the low cost of DIY hardware to offer home owners and renters a compelling experience and greater levels of security at bottom prices.

Current residential security systems are antiquated and offer low value for the price the average consumer pays. Current security systems are bulky and intrusive. While some offer remote access to arm/disarm and camera functionality and provide security in the burglary scenario, most have yet to properly address the home invasion/robbery scenario (when a victim is at home).

Cyp and the intelligent virtual assistant at its core address all those issues by leveraging modern software systems, low-cost sensors, and takes a scenario-driven approach to tackling residential security threats.

As an aside – one way to keep your valuables secure is with a built-in safe. The team at HomeCareChoices has a nice guide for choosing a home wall safe .

To compare this new technology with the existing security services, the team at has published their list of the 7 Best Home Security Systems of 2021 .

See Cyp and all its functionalities in action on Kickstarter under search word “Cypromus” or “Cyp”. Also visit for more details. Or view Cyp’s kickstarter video on YouTube here:

About Cypromus
Cypromus, Inc. (Cyp) is a privately held and funded software company that began operations in 2013. Cyp’s vision is to become the first intelligent home security system that will live across devices and location and will provide simple solutions not offered in today’s traditional home security system.

The Cyp team is comprised of an eclectic group of engineers, researchers, designers, and security experts. Cyp’s CEO and co-founder Victoria is a former crime researcher and educator. The Chief Engineer and founder, Eric, is considered an expert technologist and visionary leader. He has spent three decades solving complex technology problems and has earned many key patents and provided world-class solutions to everyday technology problems.

Contact: Victoria Zhong
(425) 633-0123

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