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Vishay announces their new family of Surface Mount Fast Avalanche Rectifiers

Avalanche Rectifie
Avalanche Rectifier – Credit: Vishay

Vishay announces their new family of Surface Mount Fast Avalanche Rectifiers. These are targeted for use in fast switching rectification of power supply, inverters, converters, and freewheeling diodes for consumer, automotive, and telecommunication.

The family consists of nine series of diode in three speed categories and two package types.

In the SMP package, with a low profile 1.0 mm height for space constrained designs, Vishay offers standard (AS1Px), fast (ARP1x) and ultra-fast (AU1Px). Similarly in the SMPC package, there are the standard (AS3Px and AS4Px), fast (AR3Px and AR4Px) and ultrafast (AU2Px and AU3Px) version.

For convenience in the part numbering scheme, the second letter refers to the recovery speed category – S (standard), R (fast), and U (ultrafast).

These are qualified to / compliant with :
RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC and in accordance to WEEE 2002/96/EC
Halogen-free according to IEC 61249-2-21 definition

Datasheets and ordering information available at Vishay .

Part number, recovery speed, current rating, forward voltage and package type are:

AR1PJ-M3/84A – Fast, 1A, 600V, SMP
AR1PM-M3/84A – Fast, 1A, 1000V, SMP
AR3PJ-M3/86A – Fast, 3A, 600V, SMPC
AR4PJ-M3/86A – Fast, 4A, 600V, SMPC
AS1PD-M3/84A – Standard, 1.5A, 200V, ESMP
AS1PJ-M3/84A – Standard, 1.5A, 600V, ESMP
AS3PG-M3/86A – Standard, 3A, 400V, SMPC
AS4PG-M3/86A – Standard, 4A, 400V, SMPC
AU1PD-M3/84A – Ultrafast, 1A, 200V, SMP
AU1PG-M3/84A – Ultrafast, 1A, 400V, SMP
AU2PG-M3/86A – Ultrafast, 2A, 400V, SMPC
AU2PD-M3/86A – Ultrafast, 2A, 200V, SMPC
AU3PD-M3/86A – Ultrafast, 3A, 200V, SMPC
AU3PG-M3/86A – Ultrafast, 3A, 400V, SMPC

Priced at $0.09 to $0.15 depending on quantity.

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