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Waterproof USB Cables And Connectors With IP67 Rating

IP67 USB Assemblies
IP67 USB Assemblies

Waterproof USB cables, connectors and assemblies from ASSMANN WSW components are ideal for usage in marine, harsh and rugged environments.

With an IP67 environmental hazards rating, these USB 2.0 products are built to perform in both extreme dust conditions and where water or other  liquids may be present.

The IP67 code rating indicates these cables and connectors are totally protected against dust ingress as well as short periods of total underwater immersion up to 1 m.

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The discrete female receptacle connector, available as either “Type-A” and “Type-B”, is made for panel mount installation.

This is an over molded design which is easily installed on equipment by simply inserting the waterproof connector through the back of the recommended panel cut-out and tighten the panel nut from the front. The PCB contacts (2.54 mm pitch) mount to the circuit board for quick and easy termination. The 5 cm (1.968 inches) pigtail allows for flexibility of installation. These have a black housing and are intended for round cable construction.

The waterproof receptacles are priced around $18.50 for single pieces parts and can be order on-line through DigiKey:

DigiKey Part Number Manufacturer Part Number Description Connector Type
AE10157-ND A-USB-APFS-R CONN USB TYPE A FMAL PNLMT W/CBL USB A Female Receptacle to Rectangular 5 pos Header
AE10158-ND A-USB-BPFS-R CONN USB TYPE B FMAL PNLMT W/CBL USB B Female Receptacle to Rectangular 5 pos Header


The female panel mount receptacle mates with the IP67 waterproof USB cable assemblies to provide a secure, sealed connection. Tthe ASSMANN WSW components cables and panel mounts are 100% compliant with all USB 2.0 specification and can work with all other USB compliant manufacturers. The cables are fully shielded, come in a 1 m length and are the same black as the receptacles.

IP67 waterproof cables can also be ordered on-line through DigiKey, with prices under $12 ~ $15 for a single cable.

DigiKey Part Number Manufacturer Part Number Description Configuration
AE10161-ND A-KAB-USBA-FS-1M-R CONN USB TYPE A FEMALE W/1M CABL A Female to Cable (Round)
AE10162-ND A-KAB-USBB-FS-1M-R CONN USB TYPE B FEMALE W/1M CABL B Female to Cable (Round)
AE10159-ND A-KAB-USBA-MS-1M-R CONN USB TYPE A MALE W/1M CABLE A Male to Cable, Round (Circular Coupling)
AE10160-ND A-KAB-USBB-MS-1M-R CONN USB TYPE B MALE W/1M CABLE B Male to Cable, Round (Circular Coupling)


For data sheets, drawings, additional technical information and the complete line of IP67 rated waterproof USB connectors, cables and assemblies, please see the ASSMANN WSW components page .

(Photo Credit –  ASSMANN WSW components )

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