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Web Connected Cooking With MAID Oven

Internet Of Recipes In Your Oven
Internet Of Recipes In Your Oven

The Internet Of Everything is making it’s way to your kitchen with this new Kickstarter Campaign featuring MAID (Make All Incredible Dishes). This novel approach to cooking combines a micro-wave / oven with on-line access to recipes and videos.

Unlike other accessories that are supposed to make cooking easier, the MAID multi-functional oven transforms your kitchen into a culinary experience.  MAID’s “magic” starts with its built-in Recipe Store, which uses your home Wi-Fi to connect to world-class chefs and cooking enthusiasts around the globe. Here you can share recipes, discuss food and discover new tastes.

With voice, touch and gesture control, MAID automates the entire cooking experience.  Its powerful engine learns your food preferences and cooking habits as you prepare dishes. Home chefs get meal plans and diet suggestions based on geographic location and tracked activities right from your smartphone or wearable device.

This cooker completes the health / fitness cycle by helping with the front-end, where the calories come in. You no longer have to manually count calories and enter them into fitness tracking apps, since all the nutritional information is contained in the recipe from the start.

You still have to do the work of measuring, mixing and putting all the ingredients together, but MAID provides all the step-by-step instructions and videos needed to create a fantastic dish. As more people use this appliance, they can add their recipes to the global cookbook for everyone else to enjoy.

The Kickstarter Campaign by SectorCube has already passed it’s $50,000 goal in it’s first week, and all 0f the 50 early bird priced MAID units have been taken. You can still get one of the 50 discounted ($409) units, or sign up for it at the regular priced($449) if you miss the special offers.

If all goes well, you may be preparing a celebrity chef inspired Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner with MAID. As Julia Child would say, “Bon Appetit!”.


(Image Credit – MAID )

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