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What Are the Different Types of CCTV Cameras?

Crime has been on the rise in recent years. According to the Guardian, in 2017 there was an 11% increase in gun crime and a 22% increase in knife crime, in England and Wales alone. Looking at such dreadful statistics, there is a need to set up a security system to monitor activities in our homes, offices, government buildings, etc. But before you make a purchase, most security experts will give a comprehensive guide on CCTV to help you understand the different types available and other aspects before installation.

Let’s have a look at the specifications and suitability of the most efficient, available CCTV cameras.

What Are the Different Types of CCTV Cameras?

Dome CCTV Camera

Like the name suggests, Dome CCTV cameras are dome-shaped with screws and are mostly mounted on ceilings and walls. The design of these cameras is meant to make them unobtrusive due to their hidden lenses that are inside the casing making it difficult to know the direction they are facing.

These cameras are most commonly preferred due to their availability in the market, not forgetting their ability to be moved, tilted and their zoom functionality that can cover a wide area with just one camera. Affordability in terms of the buying price and the installation fee is another reason to influence you to buy these cameras.

One major limitation of dome cameras is their sizes. They are small with limitations on their sizes of the lens, which makes them not ideal for long distance surveillance.

Bullet CCTV Camera

The Bullet CCTV cameras resemble a rifle bullet having a long cylindrical shape that houses the lens and camera. The camera is designed to capture footage from a fixed location; ideally, they are mounted on walls and ceilings. The protective casing protects them from dust, rain and other harmful elements making them last longer and requires little maintenance. These cameras require no separate housing or lens, and they are ideal in places of low light. Bullet CCTV cameras are good for shorter and middle range distance.

Their main limitation is the small lenses and internal board which compromises the picture and footage quality.

Day/night CCTV camera

These cameras can be used in places with low light conditions enabled by the built-in infrared LED feature. The infrared LED sends light with longer wavelengths compared to visible light.
Day/night CCTV cameras are mostly used to monitor indoor activities, underground tunnels, farms among other places that require low light at night but need surveillance, anyway.

Since these cameras rely mainly on the quality of light reflected they tend to compromise on the quality of imaging and footage on low light. Notably, the contrast of the footage is also affected by the quality of light and the infrared LEDs.

Wireless IP CCTV cameras

The Wireless IP CCTV cameras mainly use the WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity and require no cable connectivity. The images are recorded by the camera mainly installed a few meters (some go as far as kilometers) away from where they transmit to a monitor or a tablet for monitoring and surveillance.


They require little time and expertise to install and are most preferred in areas that require neatness and less cable work with reliable internet connectivity. Security experts prefer these cameras in sensitive areas that require constant surveillance in a click of the button.

Wireless IP based CCTV cameras give crystal clear images, work best in bright/dark/low light conditions but are expensive to install.

HD CCTV Camera

Ultra high definition cameras are often used in places where the quality of imaging and footage is critical. They are made with precision and great attention to quality and detail so that operators can be furnished with minor details of the activities being monitored.

HD CCTV cameras come in handy with specifications that enable them to zoom, tilt, and enhance lighting among others. These cameras are mainly found in casinos and banking halls but are very expensive to install.

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