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What is Dry Ice Blasting From IceTech

Blasting CO2 Pellets To Clean This Motorcycle
Blasting CO2 Pellets To Clean This Motorcycle

Dry ice blasting is a revolutionary blasting method in which dry ice pellets replace traditional blasting materials like sand, water, glass and plastic. It’s a non-toxic, non-abrasive cleaning method where no waste materials are produced. In contrast to sand blasting, the process leaves no secondary waste material. When finished, all that needs to be disposed of is the coating that has been dislodged, and this can normally be swept or vacuumed from the floor beneath the treated object.

The pellets can be created directly from recycled CO₂ (carbon-dioxide) or from pre-formed dry ice slabs or blocks. Compressed air speeds the pellets at very high velocity to impact the object for cleaning. The kinetic energy of the impact, along with a thermal-shock (the pellets are at -109 degrees F), removes the unwanted materials from the object. The pellets are both soft and light, so damage to the object is minimal, especially when compared with other abrasive methods. The pellets change phase (e.g., sublimate)  from solid to gas upon impact, and dissipate into the air.

The production of dry ice gives the recycled CO₂ a “second life” before it is released into the atmosphere, thereby delaying its effects on the environment. Dry ice blasting also supplies an environmentally responsible alternative to other cleaning methods that utilize hazardous chemicals and solvents.

Unlike water pressure cleaning, this process is dry and non-conductive. This makes it suitable for use on electric motors and electrical circuitry. Dry ice blasting is ideal for removing coatings such as adhesives, varnish, oil, grease, coal dust, soot, mould release agents and bitumen from machinery. Another contrast to high-pressure cleaning is that polluted drain water is avoided.

In high drought areas, such as Los Angeles and most of California, dry ice blasting provides an eco-friendly, water-wise solution for industrial cleaning.

The worldwide leading manufacturer of high performance, reliable dry ice blasting and dry ice production equipment, IceTech , has furthered advancements in an innovative solution to major problems in equipment maintenance  with the launch of their groundbreaking Evolution Line. The Evolution Line is comprised of the Elite 20 and the Xtreme 40, and utilizes the revolutionary dry ice blasting process. This method provides maintenance professionals with a way to clean equipment without water, using a nonabrasive, eco-friendly media.

IceTech will be exhibiting their process and equipment at Westec 2015 (Booth #1246) this September at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Stop by their booth to see how Dry Ice Blasting is used to clean a motorcycle and get more information about dry ice blasting.

 “Dry ice blasting provides the perfect cleaning solution. Especially for facilities looking to reduce their water waste, says Dennis Hjort, President of IceTech America.

IceTech has provided the world with dry ice cleaning solutions for more than a decade, and continues to pioneer the industry with superior dry ice technology through a highly versatile line of dry ice blasting, dry ice production equipment, and automated solutions. For the last 16 years of activity IceTech has created a network of more than 30 distributors and direct sales forces, and supplies equipment worldwide.

Image Source: IceTechWorld


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  1. IceMan says

    What’s the cost for the CO2? Do I have to buy the equipment or can I just get IceTech to do the cleaning for me? Like to see how this works for engine degreasing.

  2. Lonnie Grimes says

    That’s really cool (pun intended)! We have alot of gunked up machinery at the refinery that need regular cleanings. I look into this for the next round and see how it compares with our usual pressure and chemical processes. Thanks for the info …

  3. IceTech America says


    Dry ice blasting is a excellent tool for degreasing. IceTech is the manufacturer of the equipment and does not provide the service, however we may be able to get you in touch with a contract cleaner depending on your location.

    As the manufacturer of the equipment we provide free demonstrations for those who may be interested in purchasing a machine. Our machines use dry ice pellets that can be purchased from your local gas company. The price of dry ice varies by location.

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