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What Technologies Do the Best Back Massagers Use?

There are two kinds of Americans who suffer from back pain – those who spend too much time in the office and those who exercise too much. Somewhere along the way, pain comes in and brings tension to your neck, shoulders, and back muscles. Before searching for the best back massager, you might ask yourself how you’ll know when you’ve found it.

There are recent technologies behind every popular back massager. Knowing more about each of them helps you determine what you value most in such a product. Therefore, you will know when you can find the best back massager to cater to your needs.

Woman massaging the body with infrared lamps massager

Can They Work without Technology?

There are traditional wooden products which can massage in absence of technology. However, they require a bit of effort. Massages have a heritage worth of thousands of years. Traditional massage techniques are still efficient. Some products even aim to mimic them and increase their comfortability. Yet, technology turns massagers into devices to provide quick effects. Some of the best back massagers are accessible and easy to use at home, in the car or in the office, according to Today Best Reviews.

Technology increases the relaxing purpose of massagers by minimizing your involvement in the massage. You can get to have a few minutes of effortless muscle therapy. All this time, you’re sitting on the cushion or pillow or maneuvering the handheld massager.

Traditional massage methods are available in the spa or through a personal masseuse. Back massagers are the devices that you can even take along on vacation or during business trips. Yet, how do they work?

back, massage, stone therapy

What Technologies You Can Find in the Best Back Massagers

  1. Shiatsu: Shiatsu technology was developed based on a Japanese massage technique which focuses on pressure points. Shiatsu also uses joint stretching and rotation functions to release muscle pressure in targeted areas. Some of the best back massagers use Shiatsu technology as it quickly relaxes your body and restores energy into your muscles.
  2. Vibration: Vibration massage technique appeared before Shiatsu, but it manages to keep its popularity. It shakes and stimulates your body based on controllable speed. Therefore, it applies pressure to the muscles and relaxes them. It’s highly efficient for the lower back and abdomen. Intensity is lower than Shiatsu.
  3. Percussion: This is also a traditional technique that survived and took a new shape thanks to technology. Percussion uses rapid movements in short time sequences to cover specific areas of the body. Percussion massage is especially used for training athletes. However, it has low intensity and relaxes your muscles.
  4. Heat: Devices which use heat create the effect of hot stone massage. You can find products using other technologies which also include this feature or lack it. Heat brings a soothing sensation which works on tense muscles and enhances the experience. It speeds up effects and allows you to further relax.
  5. Compression: Such a technique relaxes muscles by applying pressure. It has high intensity and works best for runner and athletes. It might be a bit intense for the average user. Yet, it releases those uncomfortable muscle pains.

Technology and Muscle-Friendly Features and Options

The best back massagers are usually friendly to anyone and any type of muscle tension. You may be sensitive and yet enjoy a low-intensity product. They soothe pain, release tension and overall relax your muscles. You can also choose massagers which:

  • Automatically shut down after 10 – 20 minutes for user safety.
  • Change position and rotation during use to cover all areas.
  • Have adjustable, easy-to-use controls which allow you to adjust the massage while using the product.
  • Adjustability and compact design, so that you can use the massagers in the car, at home or in the office. You can even take some devices in your travel luggage.
  • The possibility to focus on specific areas or cover the neck, shoulders, upper back and lower backs. Cushions are usually suitable for universal massage.

Young women lying on the grass

Choosing the Best Back Massagers

The best back massagers are the ones that ease your back pain and muscle tension. They come in so many shapes and size that you might choose one for car use or rely on another one which you can easily maneuver.

Let’s say you aren’t sure why you need a massager, but you do feel some muscle tightness and would like relaxation. You should research on massage techniques and products. Also, consult reviews to find out what customers say after long-term use. You may like a product that also covers your face and that you can use without even touching. Cushions help you get a massage, while you just sit on them. Pillows focus on specific areas, meanwhile providing relaxation for the entire back. Handheld products are versatile but require a few minutes of full attention. Decide on features and options, and search for your next best back massager!

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