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What’s Next for the Technological World?

Tech Innovations Still To Come
Tech Innovations Still To Come

In one year, a lot has taken place in the technological world. We were all swept off our feet by the enhanced features of smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and other astounding innovations. And then came the most awaited flagship device of Apple, the iPhone 5s and 5c. It possessed remarkable attributes which are to be expected from Apple especially when it ranks highest on the subject about smartphone features. Its great rival Samsung would not miss out on anything which is why it launched its very own Galaxy S4 before Apple had.

Right after was the launch of the realization of wearable tech through Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and Qualcomm’s Toq. They are still under pressure as this will be the first time for the two tech giants to deliver to the world what they are capable of in terms of wearable technology. Right now, Samsung has made it possible for its Galaxy Gear to be suitable with a number of smartphone platforms. If we wait a little bit more, it’s quite possible Samsung will bring us the smartwatch we’ve all been expecting.

The concept of flexible technology that has been dreamt about for centuries is now being experimented on by Samsung and LG. They each have released their curved smartphones namely Galaxy Round and G Flex respectively. Sooner or later, so will the rest of the tech giants.

We already have robots, computers within our hands, microchips embedded within small technologies then placed inside the human body. And then we have the aforementioned which we should expect more of in the following months as they only just started. Let’s fast-forward for a bit and take time to think and maybe provide an answer for this question: what’s next for the technological world? Transformative technology.

The idea behind transformative technology is rooted from the concept of flexible tech which focuses on “bending” the solid hardware of our beloved gadgets. What makes transformative technology different from flexible technology is the capacity to allow for a gadget to turn into something else through “folding”. Origami, are you home? It would be such a great accomplishment for the technological world to apply the Japanese art of paper folding into the gadgets that are to be expected to still be in existence in the near future. It may very well be the ultimate form of convenience that technology will ever be able to conjure for humanity.

Imagine having all your mechanical possessions inside your pockets. You’ll be able to go to any place with little baggage or none at all. You simply have to draw them out and be able to perform your tasks in a manner of minutes when originally, it should have been hours. Transformative technology is but one of the many innovations the future holds for us. All that’s left for us to do now is wait.

Source: EzineArticles by Author Harold Marshall . Harry is a resident of the humble state of New Jersey. He lives with his lovely wife in a suburban household where he has always pictured family life. Just recently, he worked as the co-editor in a publishing firm in New Jersey. At present, he is a part-time blogger for Ecell Global.


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