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Where Can I Buy A Spacesuit?

Are Space Suits For Sale?
Are Space Suits For Sale?

I’ll admit it; I’ve been a science/science fiction geek for many years. There’s a picture of me as a child with my cousins and I’m wearing a toy fighter pilot helmet. The majority of my favorite authors are all science fiction writers. Nothing captured my imagination more than reading space stories and imagining traveling through the cosmos. Suffice it to say, researching how to buy a spacesuit piqued my curiosity.

I quickly found out that trying to acquire US space memorabilia of this sort is impossible. Used space suits or any spacesuit part is very tightly controlled by the government and anyone offering a US spacesuit is likely a fraud. The best you can do is get a replica of US space outfits and it appears that the best source of these replicas is Walk Around Spacesuits.

So what’s a space geek going to do?

It seems that Russian space memorabilia is available. You can find some of these artifacts on eBay or, if you have the funds to take a trip, there’s a market near Star City in Russia where you can find helmets, gloves, even full suits for a price. In fact, if you so desire, you can even get engines, circuit boards and other space artifacts, including moon rocks. There is little known about the Russian/Soviet space history but the proximity of a market to Star City makes you want to believe that the items are real. However, most of these items are not authenticated so you do take a chance that what you receive isn’t truly something that came from Yuri Gagarin. If you choose to take that risk, it is possible to get a nugget of space history.

With the renewed interest in space generated by the Mars rover it seems that NASA could offer some of the American artifacts as an additional revenue stream. I’m sure that there are collectors out there who would be willing to pay a decent price to own space history.

Wouldn’t that be cool?


(Image Credit – NASA )

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