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Will Passthoughts replace Passwords

Passthoughts To Replace Passwords
Passthoughts To Replace Passwords

Apple is in the news with the announcement of their fingerprint password protection for the latest iPhone.

But for many people using a fingerprint in place of typing a password just doesn’t work.

The list includes those with hard to read prints, people with shaky fingers and anyone wearing gloves either for work or just to keep warm. And this doesn’t account for users that object to having their fingerprints stored and possibly compromised.

A futuristic, but not too far off, solution is to use “Passthoughts” to replace all other forms of passwords, fingerprints and other retina / biometric scans. A Passthought is a brain wave authentication method in which the user thinks of a particular password, image or song.

Researchers, with the use of a headset, have been able to uniquely identify brain wave patterns in different individuals when they have been asked to mentally visualize a specific task. Enhancements to the technology can be made with as yet unrealized near field communications type chips.

It may one day be possible to hold your phone to your ear and unlock it merely by thinking “make a call”. And then by thinking the persons’ name or imagining their face, the phone will associate the correct phone number and place the call.

The next time you type in your password or swipe your finger, think about how great it would be to use a Passthought instead.

(Image Credit – Fotolia )

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