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Wireless Optical Mouse under $10

TECKNET Pro PC Mouse to the rescue

Sometimes I just need an inexpensive wireless mouse to carry in my backpack and another in my travel bag. It’s just easier to have one in each bag that I use for my computer. Under $10, the TECKNET optical is cheap enough to just toss in and go.

tecknet wireless mouse


Even though this is inexpensive, it does have all the features you’ll find in the more expensive devices.

It’s Plug & Play, no software loading required.

Connect to your PC / laptop with the USB Nano receiver. Similar to other wireless mouse (or is that mice?) the connector is stored in the battery compartment of the mouse. When you are ready to use the mouse, just plug it into your PC and go.

tecknet wireless mouse USB dongle

There are 5 Adjustable DPI Level (2600/2000/1600/1200/800) – choose your own cursor speed. I find that the middle setting of 1600 works best for most set-ups, even if you are using a two-screen configuration.

Battery life is important for me for these portable devices – with 2 AA batteries, this will last up to 24-months of everyday use. I haven’t had to change the battery yet since I’ve started using this one. You will need to supply your own batteries (related – best battery deals review).

The “smart auto-sleep mode” saves power by reducing the 2.4GHz wireless connection when the mouse doesn’t detect any movement. It’s kind of like the car auto stop-start saving you gas when you are at a red light.

I like that it does come with a battery level indicator.

In addition to the scroll wheel, it has the standard two buttons on the side for forward / back. You can also customize / reassign the mouse buttons for other features.

Most important for me, is that the mouse is a good size for my (average-sized) hand. Some of the portable mouse are too small, and give me a hand cramp after a few minutes. Others are too big, and I feel like my arm gets tired dragging it around.

You can even get in your choice of about 7 different colors. The purple is my favorite!

FYI – have a quick read on our Trackball mouse reviews if you are interested in a different kind of mouse. I find the stationary / trackball is best for when my work area isn’t very large.

Overall, it’s really hard to beat the features for under $10. Check it out with our Amazon link and pick up a couple for all your usual bags.


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